The Top 10 Concept Cars

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Top 10 Concept Supercar's

Top 10 Concept supercars

Auto Aficionado

BMW i8Plug in HybridTurbocharged 3 cylinder Engine Top speed 155 mph

Maserati Alfieri

4.7L V8 Top speed of 155 - 460hp

Toyota FT-1

5.0L V8 Top speed NA 485hp

Ferrari Project F

4.5L V8 Top speed NA 570hp

McLaren P13

3.8L V8 Top speed of NA 450hp

Lexus Concept

Citron GT5.4L V8 Top speed over 200mph 500hp

Mercedes Gran Turismo 6V8 Top speed over 200mph 577hp

Aston Martin DBC

Peugeot Onyx3.7L V8 Top speed over 200 600hp

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