Things to consider before buying a motorcycle

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  • Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle

    Do your research The excitement of speeding down the road in a motorcycle can be

    a great experience for many people. However, it is important to

    plan and research the benefits of a motorcycle, and what it will be

    used for. At times it is easy to impulsive and buys an item without

    thoroughly studying the details that can make life easier in the

    long run. By knowing what you want and how much you want to

    spend you can make a better decision. Here are a few tips to help

    you in your research:

    Check the tires for ware if it is a used motorcycle. If the tread is thin or a nail or other object is

    stuck in the tire it could mean paying extra for new tires and potentially having an accident.

    Check the chain, handle bars and safety features to make sure the bike is safe and road worthy.

    This is still good to do on a brand new motorcycle as well.

    Know where you will be parking the bike, and keeping it secure by using a cover and lock

    system. By parking the bike indoors or out of sight it will be less likely to be stolen.

    Inspect the bike in person and if you can have a motorcycle mechanic inspect the bike as well to

    listen or find any potential problems or repairs if needed.

    Another thing to research is the type of motorcycle you want, and how it would benefit you. Some

    people may want the bike just to drive around town as an extra fun toy. Others it is strictly recreational

    and may need to meet certain safety standards and other requirements. And maybe other people want

    it to be their commuter from work to home during the week. Whatever your reasoning you need to find

    a bike that will fit your needs; from a certain brand to specifications of models.

    What kind of rider are you The next step is to define what type of a driver you

    are. Like the section above we discussed the need to

    research different types of motorcycles and their

    functions. Keep in mind that like a car you will be

    required to register and insure your bike. You will also

    need to have a motorcycle license. This information

    may not apply to an advanced rider. But just like a car

    it is important to know the laws and safety


    It is also important to know your level of experience and how fast you want to drive. If you are less

    confident than you will want to get a more balanced bike. You probably wouldnt want to get a bullet

  • bike or racing bike. Recreation bikes can include dirt bikes which are specifically designed for driving on

    dirt and sand dunes. Other bikes are made specifically for the streets. Again it really comes down to

    how much you want to spend, what type of driver you are, and finally what are you going to be using

    the bike for.

    Photo Credit: Paco CT, driver Photographer