Top Coolest Cars - Part 2

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<ol><li> 1. A car for all seasons: Ferrari FF We are all familiar with formula one racing, right? It is one sport the gets you all pumpedup and thrilled with car speeds reaching the unthinkable velocity. Though people may arguablysay its very dangerous, you just cant help but be lured by those sleek and furious cars that defyregular speed limits. Ferrari is one sports car brand we immediately associate with race cardriving. Ferrari FF is the latest model of supercars from Ferrari. It can seat up to 4 peoplecomfortably and boasts a 651 horsepower engine. The Ferrari FF drives on four wheels with thetwo front wheels is used mostly for bad weather days and as much as possible is jolted to the rearwheels. Due to its 4 wheel drive feature, like many other four-wheeled cars, it is assumed tounder steer but surprisingly it remains neutral even in corners of mountains. This is also the veryfirst car Ferrari ever made as four-wheeled drive. It has a top speed of 208 miles per hour andgoes from 0 to a hundred miles per hour in a matter of just 3.7 seconds! Who said nothing cancompete with the speed of light? One of the many features of this car that sparks buzz over itsenthusiasts is its sleek design and shape the exterior is something to covet and lust for. Although,the headlights were a miss for some as its dull green lighting doesnt really spell elegance. Thiscar exemplifies what a car is dreamed to be: fast, elegant, and luxurious. The Ferrari FF wowed many car fanatics with its incredible speed and being among theonly four-wheeled drive sports car out there. This system enables user to drive in hazardousweather conditions such as heavy rainfalls, blizzards and snow storms safely. It can move arounddifferent terrain with ease. This car is also very stable that little to no friction trickles to thedriver and passengers of the car. The secret of this four-wheeled drive system is that in difficultterrain conditions such as a ground filled with snow, the four-wheel drive feature reduces understeering while in drier and more favorable terrain conditions, it keeps handling very predictableand easy to maneuver. It is also able to turn and twist around corners with effortlessness as itscurving ability is self-possessed. The monstrous V12 engine allows the Ferrari FF to run andexceed speed limits in an instant. It gave one reviewer a very lasting impression about this car asa monster. It is no ordinary car with engine sounding like a volcanic eruption on its own. This isinterpreted in a good way as it is a good indication of a bursting horsepower and speed. Theinterior has enough space for four people to enjoy the thrill of the ride comfortably. There were hardly any negative feedbacks from people about this car save for its pedalsize and weighty steering. While the height of this car can well accommodate a person even 12 </li><li> 2. feet tall but the pedal size is way too small for a man with a size 12 shoes. There is no understeering experienced as anyone might expect of it but as one reviewer attested, although it turnssmoothly it, at the same time, feels very artificial.Overall, the Ferrari FF is one car that impressed many people especially its four-wheeled drive feature. Truly, the Ferrari FF is a car that embodies sleekness and luxury.Hybrids and the Top Ten Coolest Cars in 2011 2012 RosterIf you are looking for the type of car to acquire especially one that is really famous, youcan make a big impact with your friends and with your colleagues. Sometimes, your friendsmight not be interested with that old junk that you are once driving. They might be too shy to tellyou that your car is too slow or too old. Your old automobile might also be a fuel burner,consuming liters upon liters of gas per day. The only logical way to solve both your problems infuel and with your friends is to look for the most efficient ride for you. If you are looking for acar to drive around the block, then you might want to consider one which is in the Top tencoolest cars in 2011 2012 lists. Yes, there are various lists on the web which can help youfigure out which automobile to ride and which ones to avoid.In essence, there are several types of cars that are in the market today. So, before youacquire any of those gorgeous automobiles in the showcase room, you need to consider a coupleof factors. One is the mileage and the gas. Around the summer of 2008, there has been a slightincrease of gas prices ranging around 4 dollars per gallon. After a couple of years, the priceswent down and today it reached an average of 5 dollars per gallon. Hence, most of theautomobiles that you can find in the Top ten coolest cars in 2011 2012 lists are the oneswhich save more on gas. Several cars in the market today would have an outstanding record inmileage. Consider one which is on the list. There is actually an automobile that has 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine and 133 HP specifications. They can move from 0 to 60 seconds in well over 5seconds. Yet, they save more on fuel than any other automobiles combined. You would beastounded by their speed while you browse the Top ten coolest cars in 2011 2012 lists.Some of the cars which would be registered in the list would definitely be hybrid. Sincethey consume less fuel per trip, you can be sure that they are eco friendly. They would outlast </li><li> 3. other cars since they would actually run on a special kind of motor. Hybrid vehicles use two oreven four distinct power sources in order to move. Since they are a combination of an electricbased motor and a combustion engine, they tend to outlast other vehicles in the street. Some ofthem are again listed on the Top ten coolest cars in 2011 2012 record. Namely, such hybridsrun through gas but most of the devices found inside would function through electricity. Even theengine can run on stored power alone. Since they are efficient in the road, more and more peopleacquire them. Some countries are also considering the use of hybrid vehicles in their streets.Hybrids would be good for the environment since it has lesser emissions than in other vehicles.The emissions are even filtered out by the exhaust port so that no hazardous fumes would releasethe air. Since the toxic substances are reduced, there would be lesser problems when it comes tothe ozone layer and even to the people who would be passing at the back of the car. That is whymost hybrid vehicles have been registered in the Top ten coolest cars in 2011 2012 rosters.Experience Intense Driving with the Lamborghini Murcielago Ever wonder how adrenaline rushing and exciting riding a sports car can be? Sports carmanufacturers have continuously been developing ways to get a hold of the fastest and sleekestsports car in the market. Lamborghini is among the many sports car companies that claim to havethe best sports car in the market. Their latest model the Lamborghini Murcielagio is everysports car aficionados dream car with its 613 horsepower V12 engine and supercar handling, fewand close to none can compete with its performance. Named after the legendary Spanish Bullwho successfully withstood 24 thrusts from a Matadors sword, the Lamborghini Murcielagoalso demonstrates courageous, fierce, and aggressive aura. As many sports car put great effortinto reaching 50 miles per hour, the Lamborghini Murcielago takes only 3.4 seconds to speedup to 62 miles per hour and can max out to 211 miles per hour in a matter of seconds. Add asleek, sexy, first class design and interior, you can never go wrong with this car. Customers were so pleased with this car. In terms of performance, this sports car is sopowerful and almighty that surely no one will ever be disappointed. It has a monstrous engineand equipped with an unbelievable 6.5 liter V12 engine that generates 631 horsepowercapabilities. Handling and braking is also a breeze as it twists, turns, and accelerates smoothly. Interms of its exterior, sleek and sexy is always a classic. You can choose either a roadster or acoupe body type depending on your taste. As for the interior, it is made up of high quality </li><li> 4. materials, crafted superiorly and can be customized which is a plus for Lamborghini fans.Interiors are highly modifiable and there are a lot of options out there to modify and customizethis car. Although the Lamborghini Murcielago only has a two-seating capacity, itsperformance and abilities compensate for it. The drivers side has a wide aperture to cool the oilradiator while the passengers side is closed. In general, this cars sleek design follows powerfuland competent functions. One reviewer also testified that although the interior isnt as flashy asthe exterior, it is way more comfortable than earlier models of Lamborghini. There were hardly any negative feedbacks about this car as it is the crme de la crme ofall sports cars. Most reviewers find that the interior lacks enough comfortable space for twopassengers and adequate room for cargo and luggage. The seats werent as comfortable as peoplewant it to be as one reviewer even said that it is shaped like a hammock and you need those fatreserves on your bottom to provide the cushioning for your seat. Reviewers also complainedabout the targa top as they find it very hard to use. One reviewer said that you can use it but itwas made only to protect the leather interiors from the weather disturbances. It is a finickymachine that needs to be attended to all the time. It needs to be unfolded, extended, and fittedbefore snapping into place. Albeit negative reviews and complains about the Lamborghini Murcielaga, customersin general were very happy with this car. It is by far the sleekest, sexiest, and fastest sports carthere is. Highly recommended to those sports car aficionados, this Lamborghini model willsurely not disappoint you.Drive As Fast As the Wind with Pagani Huayra When choosing a car, we all look for luxury, function, design and comfort all rolled intoone chic car. The 2012 Pagani Huayra model is spelled with luxury, function, design andcomfort. Named after the God of the wind of the Andes region, this Italian car is made to create alasting impression on customers. It took almost 7 years for this one model to complete and it wasworth all the time effort. The name personifies what the car is with its ethereal and sleek exteriorcombined with its twin-turbo V12 engine; it can run a speed of more than 200 miles per hour.Over the years the Pagani Company has never failed to impress and create a buzz in theautomobile industry even with the new 2012 Pagani Huayra model, they continue to soar highand astonish people. Looking like an evolved form of its sister, Pagani Zonda, as it has an AMG </li><li> 5. tuned twin-turbo and a 6 liter Mercedes V12 engine. There are two V12 engines you can choosefrom: the standard turbocharged system generating a maximum 700 horsepower or the sports carversion with 730 horsepower capacity and a maximum torque of 811 pounds-feet. This car isensured that the turbocharged engines meet the standard air regulations hence, it isenvironmentally pleasing. According to the creator of this car, the Huayra is meant to let anyrider feel a jet-like soar on the ground. The engine can be discrete when idle but upon switchingthe engine, it bursts into a monstrous roar to make all elements feel its presence. This car trulyembodies its name. This car is said to be the future of sports car with its large horsepower generating engineand chic design, no wonder people will find delight on a brand new Pagani Huayra. It is anideal race car with an automated manual system and a single clutch that shifts quickly for easymaneuver. Although the creator never disclosed anything about how fast this car can go, testshave shown it can reach a maximum speed of up to 230 miles per hour. This car is also built withcarbon titanium to provide superior rigidity with utmost lightness. The rigid frames equalized byits light weight allowed suspensions to work properly and absorb energy efficiently to protect itsoccupants in case of collision. Turbines are well made allowing the driver full control overpower and speed of the car. The car also reduces the energy required to efficiently operate thefuel pump therefore eliminating any wastage of fuel. One review of this car testified a differentfeeling while inside this machine. The whole experience with this car lets you journey on adifferent dimension that satiates your hunger for luxury, comfort, function and design. Thepaddles are readily available on your reach as it is located below the steering wheel for you toeasily be able to change gears.Added highlights of this car are its hi-tech touch screenmultimedia function for audio, GPS and Bluetooth. Safety has never been a problem with thePagani Huayra as it conforms to the standards of safety and environment. Truly the Pagani Huayra is the future of all cars. With form and functionality combined,who wouldnt fall in love with this car? It offers the best in car world. </li><li> 6. The History behind the Top Five Coolest Cars of Lamborghini Every die hard car owner knows that the Top five coolest cars of Lamborghini are thebest in the world. Known for their speed and their elegance, these 5 cars would always be aliving emblem to the strength and ingenuity of the human spirit. The company that started it allwent in to business around the year 1963. They were one of the first companies that started tocreate a refined grand touring car which would compete with the other respectable brands inthe Formula 1 world. The company released a couple of models around the mid 1960s and thefirst models were branded as the very sing of power, comfort and refinement. Through achange in the design of the engine, the company rose up to meet the demands of the public.However, there was sudden change in the sale of top five coolest cars of Lamborghini due tothe sudden change in the economy brought by the 1973 financial catastrophe and the warwithin countries which has ultimately affected the sale of oil. After a couple of years, there has been a new development in the production of cars areas the brand that started it all soon agreed on a partnership offered by another worldrenowned car maker. Having the capital to start over, they have created their creation of thenext generation of cars on the market. Yet again, there was a financial turmoil inside thecompany that led to their sale to yet another automobile industry. Unfortunately, such turmoilagain affected the sale of the top five coolest cars of Lamborghini. Throughout the years, therewas a sudden increase and decrease in sales. By a couple of years, there was a sudden rush ofsale to customers because of the media. A film was produced which shows the car being able tohandle the different hazards in the road. From several stunts to some heart stopping moves,the audience who watched the movie were awed with the cars and the brand thatmanufactured the star of the show. Many viewers started lining up in automobile shops,ordering the mo...</li></ol>