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What should you do if you have a car accident?

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Here are the tips about what should you do if you have a car accident?

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  • WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAVE A CAR ACCIDENT? Driving Tips from Car Leasing Made Simple Carleasingmadesimple.com
  • Carleasingmadesimple.com Car crashes are something that dont really bare thinking about but unfortunately do happen. After a drive to work, last week one of our staff saw encountering tailbacks, and one particularly unlucky/lucky (depending on how you look at it) member of staff witnessing a crash directly in front of him but coming out unscathed, all due to heavy fog we thought it was appropriate for us to try and prepare you for how to deal with a car accident and give you some car accident advice. So, what should you do if you have a car accident?
  • Carleasingmadesimple.com 1) Stop Its possible the crash was so serious that all cars involved have been brought to an immediate stop. However, if this isnt the case you must ensure that you stop your car in a safe and timely manner. Under the Road Traffic Act it is an offence not to do so and could lead to you ending up in prison. When you have stopped ensure your engine is switched off and that your hazard lights are on.
  • Carleasingmadesimple.com 2) Ensure no one is hurt If anyone, including yourself, is hurt then you must contact the emergency services on 999 immediately. Damage may not just be physical though, you could well be dealing with shock immediately after the crash. If this is the case then take a second to get your bearings, take a few deep breaths and try and calm yourself down. The calmer you are the easier everything will be to deal with. If everyone is ok but the accident has created a blockage in the road the police should also be contacted.
  • Carleasingmadesimple.com 3) Providing information You are obliged to give your name, address and registration number to any other involved parties after an accident. This also stands if you crash into a parked car or someones property. Just because no one is present doesnt mean there arent other victims! All car accidents should be reported to the police, 101 for less serious crashes, within 24 hours. Failing to do this could get you a fine, points or even lead to you being disqualified.
  • Carleasingmadesimple.com Other Tips On How To Deal With A Car Accident Make a note of other pieces of information. A list of all damage caused to all vehicles that were involved. Photos of the scene and all vehicles involved. Dont discuss fault Make a Personal Record. Stay calm.
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