Winterizing Your Car: 5 Ways to Keep Your Car in Good Shape During the Winter

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Winterizing Your Car: 5 Ways to Keep Your Car in Good Shape During the Winter

The long winter months can really do a number on a vehicle. People often dont have a choice and need to drive when its snowy, icy, frigid, and wet. Obviously, these arent the best driving conditions. While driving in the winter is bad enough, its even worse when something goes wrong. Getting stuck on the side of the road during a snowstorm is simply no fun. In order to try and avoid this situation, its important for car owners to do what they can to prepare for the winter. Here are 5 important ways to get your car winter-ready:

#1 Invest in Snow Tires - The roads can be just plain awful in the winter. Snow tires improve your traction and provide a much safer ride in the face of snow, ice, and slush. They arent an absolute necessity, but could provide you with some peace of mind when you need to drive around in the winter. If you dont want to spend the money or deal with the hassle, at least make sure that your all-season tires are properly inflated. Tire pressure can drop in the cold weather so check it often.

#2 Replace Windshield Wipers Windshield wipers should be replaced once a year, and there is no better time than right before winter. Your vehicle goes through a lot in the winter to get you to your destination safely. Think about all of the dirt, sand, salt and even kitty litter being used on the road. All of that is getting kicked up on to your windshield and needs to be wiped away. Of course, what good are the wipers without the fluid? Make sure to always have your windshield wiper fluid filled.

# 3 Get an Oil Change Temperature can affect your cars oil and it can get thicker in the cold air which can diminish its quality. Follow the maintenance schedule for your car and get oil changes regularly, but it cant hurt to get it done before winter. A good mechanic should know which kind of oil is best for your car in certain weather climates. #4 Check Heater and Defroster - Not only will it be uncomfortable to drive in the winter without heat, but its also dangerous. The defroster will only work if it reaches a certain temperature. Blowing cold air onto an icy windshield isnt going to do you any good. Test it out before it gets too cold. If you notice anything funny or hear any strange noises its best to get it checked out. #5 Create an Emergency Kit This can be as extensive as you want it to be but it should at least include the winter basics which are a small shovel, flares, jumper cables, spare tire, first aid kit, flashlight, and sand. Its also advisable to include blankets, boots, gloves, and extra clothes. Always make sure that you have your cell phone on you, even for quick trips. About the Author:Toms Foreign Auto Parts sells quality car replacement parts and accessories online. For more information please call 800-255-6656 or visit