10 Insights for Engaging Learners

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>10 Insights for Engaging with Learners</p> <p>Paolo LenottiHead of Marketing at Filtered @paololenotti</p> <p>Marnie ThreapletonHead of Advisory Services at Towards Maturity @MarnieThreap </p> <p> #FilteredWebinar</p> <p>CONSUMER: a person who purchases goods and services for personal useLESSONS FOR L&amp;D:How to change learning cultureHow to support self-directed learningSkills needed to make this happenWhat can learners teach L&amp;D?</p> <p>Two-thirds are well established in their job roles (in post for over two years)43% men 57% women86% educated to graduate level63% permanent employment16% self-employed8% on fixed-term contracts1% apprentices/interns12% other potential workers25% in a director/manager role</p> <p>2,084 paid for own learning</p> <p>Over 50% are 30-50 years old</p> <p>43% work from home91% responsible for their time</p> <p>1. POSITIVE OUTLOOKOnly 21% of L&amp;D leaders support career aspirations</p> <p>80% say online learning can help them further their career </p> <p>2. WHERES THE LOVE?Yet 3 in 5 L&amp;D leaders dont believe their staff can manage their own learning88% know what learning they need 81% know how to find it</p> <p>Yet 40% of L&amp;D leaders agree that staff cant learn in places that are convenient to them2 in 3 find accessing learning from a mobile device essential or very useful3. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN </p> <p>4. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN COURSES80% say Google or other search/web resources are essential or very useful to learnYet over 50% of L&amp;D leaders still see the course as the only option</p> <p>Yet 50% of L&amp;D leaders feel held back by staff reluctance to engage with new technology</p> <p>52% use YouTube for their own learning</p> <p>89% download apps</p> <p>5. WATCH THIS SPACE</p> <p>6. ME, MYSELF AND IOnly 26% of formal learning has a technology element1 in 2 want a personalised learning experience</p> <p>1 in 4 find it essential</p> <p>Yet only 1 in 5 L&amp;D leaders equip managers with the tools to support their teams</p> <p>1 in 3 say that training support from their managers is critical</p> <p>7. MANAGERS ARE KEY</p> <p>8. COLLABORATIONOnly 11% of L&amp;D leaders encourage staff to solve problems socially together, 12% by using curation tools84% willing to share knowledge through tech Only 27% do it regularly</p> <p>Just 22% of L&amp;D leaders recognise and reward learners</p> <p>57% want learning to contribute towards a qualification / certificate</p> <p>9. HIGH AND DRY </p> <p>10. L&amp;D INPUT IS KEYThese companies are at least x2 as likely to report benefits of their learning strategyHigh performing L&amp;D teams understand their learners as consumers</p> <p>Lessons from top L&amp;D performers that are already engaging their workforceThey listen to learners86% are proactive in understanding how learners learn (30% average)</p> <p>Think beyond the course73% provide micro-content of </p>