10 Powerful Strategies to Attract More Ideal Customers

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>10 Powerful Strategies to Attract More Ideal Customers</p> <p>WelcomeRelaxEnjoy eat, drink, connect,Be Open take notes, ask how?Respect phonesParticipate shareContribute &amp; WinLink to slides slideshare.net/tradeinsights</p> <p>Who is PROTRADE United?We believe in a united effort and collective knowledge to help you find an even better way to run your business</p> <p>Trade specific solutions inStrategy income, cash flow, profit, team developmentAccounting financially well organised, minimise tax, Marketing online &amp; offlineSystem Integration streamline IP into the cloud &amp; protected</p> <p>Why PROTRADE United?Ultimately for 3 reasons</p> <p>To give you the luxury of an unhurried lifeTo raise the standards of trades and related service businesses around AustraliaDecrease the anxiety and depression related deaths amongst trades</p> <p>Some of our clients</p> <p>Top 7 Key Frustrations for Many Trade Businesses</p> <p>Working too hard for little/no remunerationWorking under too much stress/pressureToo much time in the business missing out on family and lifestyleStaff issuesInconsistent work/jobsChronic cash flowConstantly chasing their tail no let up!</p> <p>Over the lifetime of a business</p> <p>Only 39% are profitable30% break even31% lose money</p> <p>It now cost 3.5 x more in 2016 than it did 20 years ago to reach prospective buyers</p> <p>It now takes 8 attempts to reach a prospective buyer compared to 4 attempts 20 years ago</p> <p>Therefore the results from previous same efforts are common</p> <p>The data shows</p> <p>TodayTake home</p> <p>Tools to attract (not chase) your ideal customerWays to increase marketing R.O.I.Game Plan to implement these toolsUse real examples</p> <p>Challenges</p> <p>Does it get any easier?</p> <p>Dont wish it was easier. Wish you were better.</p> <p>Jim Rohn</p> <p>Adapt the ideas</p> <p>To suit your business and target customer</p> <p>Your own economy</p> <p>Psychology vs. Skills/Ability</p> <p>Are you prepared to change?</p> <p>Changeare you up for it?</p> <p>Earning potential with your hands?</p> <p>$000s</p> <p>Earning potential with your head?</p> <p>$000,000s</p> <p>Default vs. Design</p> <p>Marketing isnt everything, however</p> <p>What has been valuable?</p> <p>Need a recipe</p> <p>Need a recipeIngredients</p> <p>Key TARGET CustomerBe DIFFERENT - (Brand Promise)Create world class PERCEPTION (Attract)Brand CONSISTENCYKnow your ACA and ROI Know your GAME PLAN (and numbers)</p> <p>Think FISHING</p> <p>Who is the target customer?</p> <p>Who is the target customer?</p> <p>Who is the target customer?</p> <p>Better is NOT Better!</p> <p>DIFFERENT is Better</p> <p>What is your BRAND PROMISE?</p> <p>Emotional BenefitFunctional BenefitFinancial Benefit</p> <p>Create great PERCEPTION</p> <p>Perception = Reality</p> <p>Brand CONSISTNECY</p> <p>BRAND TouchpointsEmail AddressPhone NumberVoice MailUniformStationerySignageWebsiteVehicle Cleanliness</p> <p>Know your numbersAllowable Cost of AcquisitionReturn on Investment - $, time, energyHow many LEADS do you require?</p> <p>Know your numbersProfit Target - $150,00 @ 15% Revenue Target = $1,000,000 Average Job Value = $20,000 means 50 jobsConversion Rate of 50% means# Leads required = 100</p> <p>Create the GAME PLAN</p> <p>What has been valuable?</p> <p>Need a recipeIngredients</p> <p>Key TARGET CustomerBe DIFFERENT - (Brand Promise)Create world class PERCEPTION (Attract)Brand CONSISTENCYKnow your ACA and ROIKnow your GAME PLAN (and numbers)</p> <p>Need a recipeMethod</p> <p>HISTORY tells a story Build CREDIBILTY collateral, expertise, educateWEBSITE/Online what do I need?LOCAL Area Marketing (L.A.M)GRATITUDE MarketingStrategic PARTNERS/REFERRALSBuild your TOP 25 &amp; CONNECT</p> <p>HISTORY tells a story</p> <p>Build CREDIBILITY</p> <p>WEBSITE/Online</p> <p>Local Area Marketing</p> <p>GRATITUDE Marketing</p> <p>STRATEGIC Partners/REFERRAL</p> <p>TOP 25 CONNECTING</p> <p>What has been valuable?</p> <p>Steve Jobs</p> <p>What ACTION will you take?</p> <p>Its interesting you knowMost of business owners willHear what we say,Understand it intellectually,Agree with all the principles,Get excited about whats possibleKNOW that it is the thing they should do, yet</p> <p>Do nothing!What gets in the way</p> <p>LIFE!</p> <p>Which leads to?</p> <p>Your opportunity to get clearComplimentary Strategy SessionWhere you areWhere you want to be The Game Plan to get your there</p> <p>Participant or Spectator?</p>


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