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10 Steps for Great Brainstorming

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Looking for ideas to improve your upcoming trade show or event program? Follow these 10 steps to get the most out of a brainstorm session.

Text of 10 Steps for Great Brainstorming

  • 10 Steps for Great Brainstorming verb [ no obj. ] brain storm | brnstrm | use the collective mind to meet goals and objectives, find solutions, overcome challenges, and solve problems: (as noun brainstorming) : a brainstorming session.
  • STEP 1: Start by setting goals and defining your objectives. Be specific with what you want to accomplish up front. Be Prepared
  • A strong moderator or leader is essential for results, maintaining control of the session and ensuring objectives are met. STEP 2: The Team Leader
  • When deciding who participates, bring in people with varying points-of-view. A group of 4 to 6 is manageable, but more than 8 or 9 becomes hard to control. Choosing ParticipantsSTEP 3: Find Out More!
  • Give enough background to make sure everyone knows what you hope to accomplish. Quick tip: the more time participants have to look at materials ahead of time, the more time you'll have to actually brainstorm! Briefing ParticipantsSTEP 4: Find Out More!
  • Quick tip: leave smart phones and laptops at the door so everyone focuses on the task at hand. The EnvironmentSTEP 5: Take participants out of the normal work environment to Find Out More!
  • For best results Relax Leave inhibitions behind Skills for SuccessSTEP 6: Set the stage and let participants know that everyone will respectfully listen to the contributions of others. Find Out More!
  • The RulesSTEP 7: Dont interrupt other participants Never say anything negative Take notes! Find Out More!
  • Breaking the RulesSTEP 8: Participants need to break the rules of conventional thinking (while following the rules). Find Out More! Think outside the box!
  • Are We There Yet?STEP 9: Knowing when to move on, to wrap up, or even to reschedule is essential. Have you fulfilled your goals and objectives? Do you know what you have to do to continue the project? What is the next step? Are there ways to implement the project? Find Out More!
  • What To Leave WithSTEP 10: Ideas alone do not make a brainstorming successful. You must leave with a plan; appropriate team members need to leave with an assignment or call to action. Find Out More!
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