10 steps to online fundraising and fundraising analytics

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  • 1. The first 10 things y must g youdo to setup online fundraising and analytics Shabbir Imber Safdar July 22, 2011www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 2. The GoalYour goal is to fundraise online, not to: Tweak the fields in your database/crm; Endlessly analyze a too small sample of your analytics data; Re-arrange the layout and navigation of your website; Play with your email templates; or y y Re-arrange your donor forms.Dont get stuck in the technology trap.Modern online fundraising efforts are built upon your ability to successfullyexecute your mission, and explain the impact that execution has on the worldaround you to the public. www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 3. When is it enough to tweak my g y tech?WhenWh you have consistently put out a small, original email every week f h i t tl t t ll i i l il k forfour months that talks about your work without being repetitive or tired,youve conquered the content beast.(Or a bi-weekly newsletter for eight months)You now probably have enough experience producing content that you canspare a few moments to look at your technology and make some changes changes.When you have 10 months of data (Jan-October), you have enough datato start doing planning for the upcoming year. www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 4. The pieces you need yIdeally, you want: Database + Payment processing + Email marketing Website AnalyticsYou may settle for: Database + Email marketing Payment processing Website Analytics yIntegration costs money. You can pay a vendor for an integratedpackage, or you can pay an integrator to integrate them, or you can payyourself to integrate them It all costs money them. money.Pick the combination that gets you up and running the quickest and revisityour decision in 6 months. www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 5. Minimum functionality you need yy You have a CRM that understands basic nonprofit donor management (householding, donation history, etc). People who come to your website can signup for your email list without your manual intervention. You can easily create multiple donation forms and link to them. You can place a piece of Javascript code on the donation form, the donation thank you page and the pages of your website page, website. You can compose an email (without using HTML); you can send an email and track opens and clicks.WhatWh you may h have to suffer with: ff ih Manually adding people from your donation forms to your CRM or your email list. (A good problem to have!) A website th t doesnt l k all th t great b it that d t look ll that t www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 6. Some optionsAnalytics: Google AnalyticsWebsite: Wordpress, Typepadbeware Drupal or any proprietary templating system without drag and drop functionality.PaymentP tProcessor: Piryx, DonationPay, Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon for Nonprofits + 99 othersCRM: Salesforce, CommonGround, CivicCRM + 25 othersEmail: Constant Contact, MailChimp, MyEmma + 10 othersCRM + Payments+ Email: CivicCRM, CommonGround, DonorPerfect, DonorPro, CivicCRM CommonGround DonorPerfect DonorPro eTapestry, GiftWorks, Neon, GiftWorks, TrailBlazer See the IdealWare/NTEN Low Cost Donor Management Systems report from June 2011 at www.idealware.org for a full matrix. www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 7. www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 8. Avoiding the technology trap g gy Better to be up and running than picking a technology. This wont be a permanent decision, talk to some other groups, groups find out the drawbacks, see if you can live with drawbacks them, take a few demos and signup. You will learn more by living with a product and its pain points th b agonizing over th d i i i t than by i i the decision. Make this decision in less than a week. Start a list of all the things you hate about your current product that you can use when you investigate a switch a year from now. The perfect is the enemy of the good.www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 9. The first six things g 1. Secure your domain name as a .org (get the .com if you can). Get your twitter handle and Facebook page. For in house email go with Google Apps for Business email, Business. 2. Get a copy of HootSuite to manage the latter two. 3. Pick your website product and deploy Google analytics 4. Pick your email product / donation processor / crm 5. Setup 5 S t your crm / email product and put your initial list of il d t d t i iti l li t f supporters into them. 6. Learn how to setup donation forms. Set up unique ones every time y have a campaign or a unique p y you p g q pitch.www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 10. Content Your job as a nonprofit is to define and own your issue. You dont want to be in the business of only talking about yourself, so define your issue broader than just the work you do. do You want it to be broad enough that you talk about other people doing similar work. Consider yourself The XXXXXX News Network, where XXXXXX is your issue. i iwww.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 11. How do you g y generate this? Consider the following sources of information: Stories about your own work that you write. (hard, I know!) Interviews with people relevant to your mission area Stories about similar work being done by other organizations (a little easier) Stories and news about your mission area (let Google News b your guide) N be id ) News from large companies that operate in your mission area Commemorations of historical eventswww.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 12. Example: privacy advocates y Stories about their work to advocate privacy to various governments Interviews with people making news in the privacy arena (regulators, legislators, activists, victims ) (regulators legislators activists victims) Wins by other privacy organizations News about privacy pulled from Google News, summarized and condensed for your audience P bli di l Public disclosures (SEC filings) about privacy liabilities b fili ) b t i li biliti by large corporations. Other materials found in public filings of privacy technology organizations.www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
  • 13. Editorial schedule Assemble all of this into an editorial scheduleChannel / Website Email Facebook Twitter qFrequency y ( (ASAP)) ( (Weekly) y) ( (ASAP) ) ( (ASAP) ) www.safdaranalytics.com Twitter: @ShabbirSafdar / #thebridgeconf
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