10 + Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

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  1. 1. 10 + Ways to Keep Your Home SafeWhile your family sleeps, danger awaits. Most break-ins occur at night, and while burglars aremore often focused on monetary gain than violence, dangerous criminals are out there, andtragedies happen all too often.Taking a proactive approach to home security with home alarm systems and other prudentmeasures will give you peace of mind and help to reduce your familys risk of becoming anunfortunate statistic.Burglary StatsAccording to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds inthe U.S., for a grand total of 2 million burglaries each year. Burglaries hit their peak during thesummer months, and homes not protected by home alarm systems are 300 percent more likely tofall victim to burglary.Having a home alarm system isnt just a way to alert the cops when a burglary occurs. It also actsas a powerful deterrent. Criminals who see a sticker for a home security company, or visibleevidence of a security system, such as cameras or lights at a residence, are more likely to leavethat home alone and find an easier target.SAFE AlarmsSAFE Security offers three home alarm packages that homeowners can install themselves:The Protection Package A basic home alarm system consisting of a wireless alarmsystem that can be controlled from owners smartphones. The package also hascustomizable text/email alerts it can send homeowners and access to 24/7 alarm systemmonitoring by SAFE Security professionals.The Automation Package A more automated version of the Protection Package, plusweather, traffic, and news alerts.The Video Package Home security alarms plus video surveillance of your home.Includes all features of the Protection and Automation packages.Other Proactive MeasuresOn top of the added security a home alarm system will provide, homeowners should also takegreater responsibility for their home security by forming a few good habits.Check the locks before bed each night.Stress the importance to your children of avoiding opening the door to strangers.Always monitor repair workers when theyre in your home.Keep your number of spare keys to a minimum. More keys equal more opportunities formalicious actors to burglarize your home.Make sure your home is well-lit at night.Give your key to a trusted neighbor, rather than hiding it under your doormat.Have frequent family discussions about home safety.
  2. 2. Have a home security plan that covers the possibility of a burglary or home invasion.Teach each member of the family how to operate the home security system.By installing home alarm systems and being proactive about home safety, families can greatlyreduce their risk of a break-in -- or worse.