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  • 1. 12 THINGS TO DO AFTER YOUVEWRITTEN A NEW BLOG POST Youve just nished writing a great new post. But what should you do next? Check all that apply! In reality, the only people who know your post is there are you and your RSS subscribers. Rather than rely solely on search engines to pump up your organic volume, content publishers need to establish syndication connections and plan for some targeted promotion to ensure that each piece of content gets noticed by key inuencers and your ideal customers.12 KEYWORDSYNDICATE OPTIMIZE YOUR YOUR POSTCONTENT&TScan through your content and pick out the maintopics. Plug those terms into Google Adwords freekeyword selection tool. Identify the most popularsearch terms in phrasing and wording, go back toyour content and try to beef up your post title. TT3 T SHORTEN YOUROne of the most powerful and misunderstood mechanisms of POSTS URL a blog is its RSS feed. This method allows you to automaticallyfeed your blogs content to many different places, includingmany social networking sites.TAILOR YOURSTATUS UPDATES 4You could just type your blog postsThis step used to only apply to posting on Twitter, headline into all of your social sitesbut with the addition of analytics on many of the status boxes, but this might not get youURL shortening services (Bit.ly, Ow.ly, Cli.gs),the most links. Tailoring your status orposting a shortened URL on any of your social headline for each community could makesites is a smart strategy.a big difference. You may need to sendmultiple updates on different days andat different times to be successful.5POST TEASERS ON OTHER SITESMost social networking sites and online forums letyou promote content as long as it is relevant. A greatBOOKMARKYOUR CONTENT6strategy is to write a compelling headline or questionas your forum title, then include some thoughtful While this technique doesnt have the horsepower it used to,commentary followed by your URL. Lastly ask posting your content to popular social bookmarking sitesreaders to provide feedback on the forum to (Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon) can still be a great source ofcontinue discussion.traffic. The key is to become part of the community and givemore than you get. ENGAGINGTHOUGHTS QUESTION WWW.URL.COM FEEDBACK!7 COMMENT ON OTHER BLOGSSEEK AND ASSISTON TWITTER 8Geniune assistance is one of the best ways to build acommunity of loyal Twitter followers. Search for yourblog topic and share your post with people who areasking for guidance.Providing helpful, valuable comments onother blogs can be a great way to generatetraffic, develop relationships, build afollowing and add backlinks. HELP ME? SHARE YOUR9 10ADD TO BLOG POSTEMAILWITH TARGETSIGNATURECUSTOMERSAnother powerful little technique is to add yourlastest blog post headline to your email signature. Youve just created a blog post that you knowMany email platforms now have nifty little apps certain customers will nd valuable. What are(Wisestamp for Gmail) that will put your latest blogyou waiting for? Send them an email with apost headline into your email signature automatically.shortened URL! VISIT MY BLOG11 ADD YOUR12 ASK OTHER BLOG POST BLOGGERS TO TO YOUR NEXTMENTION NEWSLETTERYOUR POSTIf you have an e-newsletter, you should beBuilding relationships with other bloggersincorporating at least some of your blog content.in your space and asking them to blogInclude a few post headlines or teasers andabout or link to your post can be a great see which posts get the most clicks.way to expand your reach. BLOG HEADLINE #1 CLICKS 175 BLOG HEADLINE #2 CLICKS 186WINN BLOG HEADLINE #3ER! CLICKS 354 ONE 1. PRINT OUT 2. CHECK OFF LAST YOUR TO-DOS THING:3. TAPE TOYOUR WALLMANAGE ALL THIS WITH DIVVYHQ.COMSTART YOUR FREE 30-DAY TRIAL TODAY!


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