21 Ideas for Webinar Marketing

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  • 1.How Webinars Should Fit into YourContent Marketing & Audience-BuildingEfforts 21 ideas for planning, creating, and leveraging your webinars

2. Todays team Todd LeboDaniel Burstein Senior Director of Content Director of and Business Development Editorial Content @ToddLebo@DanielBurstein#SherpaWebinar 3. About MECLABS More than 10 years of research Over 1 billion emails 1,300 major experiments 10,000 sales paths tested Hundreds of publications and conferences 5 million phone calls 500,000 conversations #SherpaWebinar 4. MarketingSherpa is a research and publishingorganization serving the marketing communityMarketingSherpasresearch cycle providesknowledge for continuousimprovement of marketingperformance 4 #SherpaWebinar 5. How Webinars Should Fit into Your ContentMarketing & Audience-Building Efforts1 Pre-webinar developing content and orchestrating pre-event promotions2 During the webinar managing the event in real time, andengaging your audience3 Post-webinar turning viewers into customers, processingfeedback, and reusing content 6. 1 Pre-webinarFree webinars arent freeIDEA #1: Focus ondeliveringvaluenot selling #SherpaWebinar 7. 1 Pre-webinarIs a webinar right for your purposes?1. How complex is my purchase?2. Can I help my audience without selling? The goal with nurturing is not just always be closing or always be selling. Its really, always be helping. Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS IDEA #1: Focus on delivering valuenot selling #SherpaWebinar 8. 1 Pre-webinar Top Lead Generation Tactics Q: Please indicate the effectiveness of the following lead generation tactics for your organization: Very effectiveSomewhat effectiveNot effective Website design, management31%53%10%and optimizationSearch engine optimization 29%46% 9%(SEO) Email marketing26% 56%6% Content marketing 23%48%10% Trade shows 20%43% 15% Virtual events / webinars 19%29% 13%Paid search (PPC) 16% 34%17% Telemarketing 13%31% 14%Public relations 13%47%17% Direct mail6%34% 21% Social media 6% 40%29% Print advertising 6% 30% 25% Source: 2011 MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded June 2011, N=1,745Source: http://meclabs.com/training/publications/benchmark-report/2012-b2b-marketing/free-excerpt#SherpaWebinar 9. 1 Pre-webinar Are other companies using webinars?Q. Which of the following lead generation tactics does your organization currently use?Email marketing81%Search engine 75% Social media 72%Website 68%Content marketing 54% Paid search (PPC)48%Tradeshows48%Print advertising 42% Direct mail40% Webinars 30% Mobile marketing 15%Source: 2012 MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark SurveyMethodology: Fielded January 2012, N=1,915Source: http://meclabs.com/training/publications/benchmark-report/lead-generation/overview#SherpaWebinar 10. 1 Pre-webinar Effectiveness of webinars Q. Which of the following have been the most effective for nurturing your leads? Email newsletters57% Sales calls 41%Whitepapers 35%Thought leadership articles 35% Webinars 30%Blog posts29%Direct mail 25%Research-based content25%Videos 24%Teleprospecting calls18% Self-promotional content16%Infographics 8%Podcasts6% Source: 2012 MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded January 2012, N=1,915Source: http://meclabs.com/training/publications/benchmark-report/lead-generation/overview#SherpaWebinar 11. 1 Pre-webinarPOLL: What is your level of expertise withcreating and promoting webinars?1. Havent started2. Beginner3. Moderate4. Advanced5. Move over Dan and Todd, I should be running this thing #SherpaWebinar 12. 1 Pre-webinar Who are you targeting?IDEA #2: Picka target #SherpaWebinar 13. 1 Pre-webinarIdentify buyer personasWhat is a buyer persona?A detailed profile that represents anactual, real-life group of your targetaudience. It includes common interests,1motivators and expectations, as well asdemographic and other behavioralcharacteristics.IDEA #2:Pick atarget#SherpaWebinar 14. 1 Pre-webinar Key buyer persona traitsDemographic traitsBehaviors Job title & responsibilities Key concerns for purchase Organization size / Interests department size Motivation Primary market (B2B, B2C, Expectations B2B2C) Decision-making authority Industry Approvals needed for purchase Location Urgency Budget Goals Familiarity with product / serviceIDEA #2: Pain points & challengesPick atarget Validation needed for purchase#SherpaWebinar 15. 1Pre-webinar Researching buyer personasStep 1: Ask customer-facing departmentsQualitative Step 2: Ask prospectsResearchStep 3: Ask customersStep 4: Mine in-house databaseWhat to look for: Common traits for ideal customersQuantitative Large deal sizes, short timeframes to purchase, most repeat purchases,Researchetc. Common traits for undesirable customers Returns or refunds, smallest deal sizes, longest timeframes to purchaseIDEA #2:Pick atarget #SherpaWebinar 16. 1 Pre-webinarIDEA #3:SegmentMarketingSherpa Case Study SciQuestyouraudience segmented their target audienceChallenge: Weekly webinarswere not generating volumeand quality of leads needed tomeet goals for thecollaborative procurement andsupplier managementsolutions companyApproach: Properly identifyand segment the audience togive them targeted content.#SherpaWebinar 17. 1 Pre-webinarMarketing Sherpa Case Study SciQuest:Segmentation Cleaned up the in-house marketing database and got persona- specific content to the correct audience: They recognized inconsistencies in the way contacts jobdescriptions were recorded. They began standardizing the way contacts were identified. Adozen standard job description categories were created. They hired a summer intern to manually examine eachcontact and assign them to one of the 12 standard categories.IDEA #3:Segmentyouraudience#SherpaWebinar 18. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa Case Study SciQuest Better segmentation capabilities from their improveddatabase allowed them to create higher-quality segmentedlists for webinar invites. The webinars could now be advertised to the specificaudiences they could benefit. An invitation on an advanced webinar for the healthcareindustry, for example, achieved a 4% acceptance rate quadrupling the 1% acceptance rate for the companys basicwebinar invitationa 300% increase in acceptance rateIDEA #3:Segmentyour Source: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30653audience#SherpaWebinar 19. 1 Pre-webinarPick a webinar topic for your audienceWhat will your audience find to be:Relevant? Urgent? Important?Make a choice of topic informed by the questions above and theresearch you conducted. #SherpaWebinar 20. IDEA #4:Test your Which title will perform best?title Your first inclination might not produce the best headline Once you have a headline in a certain zone, a certain skillzone, theres no way for me to predict which one is going towin, because I cant get in the mystery of the audiences mindwell enough to guess that. Flint Mclaughlin, CEO said prior totesting the headlines Based on two hypotheses (Which is better, a fluid statementor a list?)#SherpaWebinar 21. IDEA #4:Test your Which title will perform best?titleMinor Changes, Major Lifts: How button and form optimizationincreased conversion 166%VS.Minor Changes, Major Lifts: Three case studies, threediscoveries, 166% increase Which title do you think won?#SherpaWebinar 22. IDEA #4:Test your Which title will perform best?titleWinner:Minor Changes, Major Lifts: How button and form optimizationincreased conversion 166%Minor Changes, Major Lifts: Three case studies, threediscoveries, 166% increaseSmall differences in wording resulted in a 92.2% increase inconversionSource: http://www.marketingexperiments.com/blog/analytics-testing/headline-testing.html #SherpaWebinar 23. 1 Pre-webinarIDEA #5:RepurposeMarketingSherpa Case StudyHubSpot:a proventopicchoosing a topic that draws an audienceChallenge: HubSpot wanted ahigh performing topic to bepresented by a presenter witha proved track record.Approach: They picked a topicin the vein of previoussuccessful events.#SherpaWebinar 24. 1 Pre-webinar MarketingSherpa Case StudyHubSpot: picked a topic for their audience and got it right HubSpot, a marketing software company, produces many webinars as part of an overall content strategy. One recent event, "The Science of Timing," garnered just shy of 25,000 sign- ups and included almost 10,000 attendees.IDEA #5:Repurpose aproven topic#SherpaWebinar 25. 1 Pre-webinar MarketingSherpa Case StudyHubSpot: knew their audience liked science-y content The importance of "The Science of..." series is that previous events played into the marketing of "The Science of Timing." Through past attendance metrics, they showed that this content had interest for HubSpots audience: "The Science of Twitter" with ClickZ had pulled in about 3,000 registrantsIDEA #5: "The Science of Social Media" had received aroundRepurpose aproven topic 12,000 registrants#SherpaWebinar 26. 1Pre-webinar MarketingSherpa Case StudyHubSpot: answered audiences burning questions Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing, HubSpot, explained the appeal of this event, "The Science of Timing kind of combined The Science of Twitter and the science of social media, Facebook and blogging because it was all about timingThis webinar was an aggregate of some of the questions that people really had burning questions to. Results: They achieved a record-breaking registartion of 25,000!IDEA #5:Repurpose aproven topic Source: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=31889#SherpaWebinar 27. 1 Pre-webinarIDEA #6:Repurpose MarketingSherpa Case Study live eventcontent Fairchild SemiconductorChallenge: Good content thatgot a great audience responsedidnt reach the number ofpeople they had hoped for in alive presentation format.Approach: Repurposed day-long, in-person seminar into 7one-hour long pieces, and turnit into webinars#SherpaWebinar 28. MarketingSherpa Case StudyFairchild 1 Pre-webinarSemiconductor results 30-50% of live webinar registrants actually attended, but ofthe remainder, 80% checked in later to access the archive. A remarkable 75-80% of live webinar attendees stayedthrough the entire presentation. They repurposed content that was already created, so thesewebinars were not as hard to make.Source: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=23547IDEA #6:Repurposelive eventcontent#SherpaWebinar 29. 1 Pre-webinarIDEA #7:Test MarketingSherpa Case studySciQuest:frequencyand timing fewer webinars, more attendeesChallenge: Weekly webinarswere not generating volumeand quality of leads needed tomeet company goals.Approach: Respect theaudiences time: avoidoversaturation and put yourwebinar at a time when itseasiest for people to watch it.#SherpaWebinar 30. 1 Pre-webinar MarketingSherpa Case Study SciQuest: timing matters Events were no longer scheduled for every week, but every other week. Webinar starting time was changed from 2 p.m. to 11 a.m. to attract prospects in Europe while also reaching West Coast attendees first thing in the morning. Webinar day became Thursday instead of Tuesday. No webinars were scheduled for July and August, when attendance was typically lowest.IDEA #7:Results: This tactic in combination with othersTestfrequencyand timingincreased viewership 422%Source: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30653 #SherpaWebinar 31. 1 Pre-webinarPre-event promotionIDEA #8:Thinkbeyond theemailinviteSource: MarketingSherpa#SherpaWebinar 32. 1 Pre-webinarIdea #9:Create apromotions MarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: atemplate framework that produces resultsChallenge: IDES, a plasticsindustry directory, was makinghigh-quality webinars thatdrew a good audience. Theywanted to expedite theprocess and get the same goodresults.Approach: Create easy to usetemplates for a webinarcommunication plan that canbe used and reused. #SherpaWebinar 33. Idea #9:1 Pre-webinarCreate apromotionstemplate MarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: PromotionAds: 6 weeks prior to the webinar, ads placed throughout thewebsite and link to the webinar platforms registration page.Webinars Page: Listing and ad link to the webinar reg page.Social: They create a blog posting which updates LinkedIn andTwitter accounts.#SherpaWebinar 34. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: PromotionNewsletters: Include the upcoming webinar as a featured storyin email newsletters beginning 6 weeks prior to the webinar.Email Alerts: Have an opt-in list of people who have asked to benotified of upcoming webinars. Email alerts are sent to this list 1to 2 days prior to the presentation. Email alerts are also sent torecipients based on past downloads of white papers fromwebsite and newsletter click tracking on topics associated withthe webinar presentation content.Idea #9:Create apromotionstemplate#SherpaWebinar 35. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: PromotionRegistration Form: Gathers minimal information: first and last name, email.Viral: After 5 seconds, the registration page redirects to a Tell-a-Friend pagecreated with SurveyGizmo. The form also asks if they would like to be addedto our webinar alerts email list.Idea #9:Create apromotionstemplate#SherpaWebinar 36. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: PromotionViral Emails: emails include summary information for the webinar and a linkto register.Webinar Reminder Emails: Through the webinar platform, reminder emailsare sent 1 day and 1 hour prior to the event. They include connection andcalling instructions, and the ability to add the event to their Outlook Calendar.All post-webinar items are also produced prior to the webinar: On-demandvideo page, Landing page to download slides, Follow up emails to attendeesand non attendees. Recipients receive a link to the webinar recording andslides within 3 hours of the presentation ending. Idea #9: Create a promotions template#SherpaWebinar 37. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa Case StudyIDES: Results 73% of registrations coming from its email newsletter andspecial webinar alert messages 24% of registrations coming from Google searches 37% attendance rate on live webinars "Like all things, the upfront investment is hardest part creating all the templates, figuring out the process," saysNathan Potter, Marketing Manager. "But once its a process,its dialed in. One person can handle it and bang it out fast.Idea #9: Create apromotions Source: https://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=31672template #SherpaWebinar 38. 1 Pre-webinarMarketingSherpa webinar template IDEA #9 BONUS:Use our promotion templatehttp://bit.ly/WebinarTemplate #SherpaWebinar 39. How Webinars Should Fit into Your ContentMarketing & Audience-Building Efforts1 Pre-webinardeveloping content and orchestrating pre-event promotions2 During the webinar managing the event in real time, andengaging your audience3 Post-webinar-- turning viewers into customers, processingfeedback, and reusing content4 Review 40. 2 Mid-webinarContinuously provide value Your audience has limitedtime and even morelimited attention. Prese...