3 inexpensive ideas to make your network more secure

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  • 3 Inexpensive ideas to make your network more secure

    Episode 9

    IT Services

  • 61%of targeted attacks by hackers

    each year involve small to medium-sized businesses.

  • 40%of small and medium-sized businesses that manage their own security will have their networks accessed by a hacker.

  • 50%of them wont even know they were attacked.

  • The Many Types of Security Threats

    Antivirus, malware scanners, threat detection there is no one solution to all these threats:





    Data Theft



    Password Hacking

    Vulnerability Scanners

    Packet Sniffers

  • Over 500,000 businesses* have been hit by ransomware

    Once hit, the only way to get rid of it is to pay the ransom

    Criminals are constantly developing new techniques to attack businesses


    CryptoWall + RansomwareThe Growing Enemy of Businesses

  • Two Pieces of Equal Importance

    Viruses, malware and ransomware are only one piece of the risk to your business!

    Losing your data can be just as harmful!

  • 3 out of 4 companies had disaster recovery failures, resulting in:

    Loss of mission critical applications Loss of critical files Expected days of datacenter downtime

    60% of companies didnt have a full scale data recovery plan. 40% of companies said their data recovery solution didnt work.

    60% of companies that lose data will shut down within 6 months.

    Sources: Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMA

    Data Loss Statistics

  • Fires





    Data Corruption

    Hardware / System Malfunction

    Software Corruption

    Human Error





    Types of Data Loss Threats

  • A few good ideas to strengthen security

    1. Strong Passwords how to create an easy to remember strong password

    Password phrase Eat chocolate and ice cream 1 time a day! Ecaic1tad!

    Slightly different passwords for each login Facebook = Ecaic1tad!FB Corp network = CEcaic1tad!

    2. Enforce strong passwords on the network Reset every 90 days Cant be the same as the previous 3 passwords Most business networks have this ability w/o any

    additional technology

  • A few good ideas to strengthen security

    3. Local user / Local Admin Daily use account - does not have permission to install

    software on the local machine Local Admin user - has permission to install software

    on the local machine

  • Dont assume others know what to do

    Top 5 reasons for employee underperformance: 50% of the time its that they dont know what to do. (include link to show)

    Train your team to think before they link or click. Awareness is a strong defense against social

    engineering and phishing.


  • Businesses should have a plan that addresses these solutions. Plan should include:

    End User Support

    Messaging Protection

    Endpoint Security


    Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)

    Business plans must also address risk of data loss!

    A comprehensive plan includes:

    Vulnerability Scanning

    Website Security

    Backup and Recovery

    Mobile Devices and BYOD

    Compliance Management

  • Want to go deeper?

    4 Keys to Protecting Your Business Down the free eBook at

    www.jasonclause.com/security Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me

    at jason@jasonclause.com