31 Twitter tools to boost your business productivity

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<p>31 Twitter Tools To Boost Your Business ProductivityJane Sheeba</p> <p>Social media ...If you are into blogging or any other online business, social media is something inevitable!If you ignore social media completely, you will miss out a lot.</p> <p>A very big share of your target audience hang out on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and the like ....</p> <p>One of the prime social media platforms that most bloggers find useful is Twitter.</p> <p>And Twitter can be completely friendly to some while totally alien to the others. </p> <p>And Twitter can be completely friendly to some while totally alien to the others. Heres where the tools come to rescue.</p> <p>These tools listed here will not only make your job easier, but will also help manage your Twitter tasks like a pro.</p> <p>For more info about each tool, how to use, screenshots, info about pricing (free, paid or freemium), click the link below!http://www.janesheeba.com/twitter-tools/</p> <p>#1 TweetDeck</p> <p>TweetDeck is my favourite Twitter dashboard that helps you monitor mentions, notifications and have streams!https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/</p> <p>#2 BufferYou can schedule social media updates to various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more.https://buffer.com/</p> <p>#3 Hootsuite</p> <p>Engage with your followers and collaborate with your team.https://hootsuite.com/</p> <p>#4 TwitterfeedTwitterfeed makes automatically tweeting RSS feeds a breeze.http://twitterfeed.com/</p> <p>#5 HashtagifyHashtagify helps you to find and analyse hashtags on Twitter (and Instagram).http://hashtagify.me/</p> <p>#6 TwilertBe it your brand name mention, or a hashtag or a keyword, you can choose to be alerted with Twilert.https://www.twilert.com/</p> <p>#7 TweetChatWith TweetChat you can join any Twitter chat by simply entering the hashtag of your choice.http://tweetchat.com/</p> <p>#8 TweetReachTweetReach is for you if you want to dive in deep and analyse your tweets and anything else associated with Twitter.https://tweetreach.com/</p> <p>#9 TweetStatsTweetStats is a simple interface that tells you the stats about your tweets! http://www.tweetstats.com/</p> <p>#10 Klear (formerly Twtrland)Klear is a platform where you can find influencers to connect with.http://klear.com/</p> <p>#11 Commun.itYou can find people to connect and engage with, send and schedule auto tweets, and have cool analytics.https://commun.it/</p> <p>#12 Audiense (formerly Social Bro)Discover and segment your target audience so you can market to the right people.https://www.audiense.com/</p> <p>#13 KloutUse Klout to share original content, track your retweets, likes and shares. It also suggests you shareable content.https://klout.com/home</p> <p>#14 TwiphoTwipho is all about photos in Twitter. https://twipho.net/</p> <p>#15 Hashtracking</p> <p>Track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.https://www.hashtracking.com/</p> <p>#16 TweepiIf you want to increase your Twitter follower base, Tweepi will help you with that!http://tweepi.com/</p> <p>#17 KeyholeTrack hashtags, a particular account, any keyword, mentions, and a URL, in real time - includes tracking on Twitter and Instagram!http://keyhole.co/</p> <p>#18 TwazzupTwazzup helps you to monitor hashtags, keywords or your brand name in real time. http://twazzup.com/</p> <p>#19 TweriodTweriod is pretty useful in helping you with the right time to send out your tweet!http://www.tweriod.com/</p> <p>#20 FollowerwonkFind people to connect with by searching their Twitter bios. Compare Twitter accounts and look for overlaps and find influencers to connect with.https://moz.com/followerwonk/</p> <p>#21 TwibsTwibs is a business portal that lists more than 52K businesses on Twitter.http://www.twibs.com/</p> <p>#22 FollowthehashtagFollowthehashtag provides you with rich, data with analysis, including historical data, heat maps, geo-analysis and much more.http://www.followthehashtag.com/</p> <p>#23 MentionMention helps you to find who is mentioning your brand, CEO, your competitors, your industry and so on.https://mention.com/en/</p> <p>#24 CybrandingMonitor how your competition is using and promoting hashtags, and you can create your own (and market) the smart way.http://www.cybranding.com/</p> <p>#25 ManageFlitterFollowing and unfollowing people is a breeze. Their PowerPost feature suggests you to push a tweet at the optimal time.https://manageflitter.com/</p> <p>#26 Trends24</p> <p>Trends24 will help you identify trending topics.http://trends24.in/</p> <p>#27 TwitterrificTwitterrific is a sleek interface that helps manage your tweets, monitor mentions, DMs and trending topics all in one place.http://twitterrific.com/</p> <p>#28 TwitterfavTwitterfav helps you filter out unwanted tweets so you can save time. You can automate favourites, and retweets - all on your own rules.https://www.twitterfav.com/</p> <p>#29 Pullquote</p> <p>Pullquote makes sharing quotes and images pretty easy.https://pullquote.com/</p> <p>#30 NudgeNudge helps you perform relationship managing on Twitter. http://getnudge.co/</p> <p>#31 GrouptweetGrouptweet helps you and your group to manage your companys Twitter account (without sharing Twitter password with your team).https://grouptweet.com/</p> <p>For more info about each tool, how to use, screenshots, info about pricing (free, paid or freemium), click the link below!http://www.janesheeba.com/twitter-tools/</p>