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  • 1. For Smart Communication 3G Mobile Phone Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

2. FUJITSU Mobile Phone Product Concept Broadband LeaderBroadband LeaderDesign Trend Leader Design Trend LeaderTechnology LeaderTechnology Leader 1 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 3. Broadband LeaderLong Term Evolution TerminalFujitsu is selected by NTT Docomo as the developer of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) Data Card.This terminal is scheduled to support not only LTE but also HSPA/W-CDMA(3G) and GSM/GPRS(2G).This terminal is based on the latest hardware standard "Express Card", which can be used for various products such as laptops and netbooks. 2Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 4. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Adjusting Receiving-Voice Speed By extending words into silent breaks in conversations Without changing the pitch of your voice: Automatically-adjusting0.3sec 0.3sec 0.5sec 1.0sec 0.7sec0.1sec1.2sec0.1sec 3Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 5. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Clear Voice Technology Automatically emphasizing voiceCatch clearly! Emphasize voice LoudBy Fujitsu originaltechnology Other partysVoicevoice volume volume-upNoise Small 4Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 6. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Automatically measure & cancel background noise Dual microphonesNon-directional microphonedirectional microphoneSend voice clearlyLoudVoicevolume-upCustomersvoice volumeNoiseSmall 5Noise cut Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 7. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Read Out Function Today is September 15th. It is 10:10. Readout Real voice technology Date Menu We researched natural voice i-mode site telop i-channeland intonation and realized easy-listening Read-Out Receiving E-mail Creating E-mail The word you choosing etc6 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 8. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Acceleration Sensor Pedometer & Calorie Calculator Display walk distance & calories consumption Sending data of steps to the registered person automatically (to let someone know users health condition ) Dad isso well 18th OCT7222steps 7 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 9. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Acceleration Sensor Auto rotation Quick scroll by tilting LCD With the acceleration sensor equipped,Quick scroll of full browser is very pictures will be automatically rotated always simple, by just tilting the LCD to be shown in a correct direction. Quick scrollby tilting LCD 8 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 10. Technology Leader - Universal Usability -Optical sensor Optical sensor equipped to automatically adjust LCD brightness under the cloudy or under the strong rainy daysunshine Brightness auto-adjustmentWith the optical sensor and brightness auto-adjustment ON,Very clear the picture becomes very clear.under sunshine 9 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 11. Technology LeaderWaterproof TechnologyDespite of the 2-spin structure,Reliable waterproofA high level IPX5/IPX7 waterproof feature realized ! When in the bath, or in the swimming pool,enjoy your mobile life IPX5 is to prove that the handset can still work, after be placed on a rotating table and exposed at least 3 min to a jet stream (12.5 l/min) from the distance of 2.5m to 3m.IPX7 is to prove that the handset can still work, after sinking into the depth of 1m in the stable tap water at room temperature for 30 min. Severe test is conducted to assure waterproofSinking testSoaking test Air leak test10Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 12. Technology LeaderWaterproof TechnologyWaterproof enable you to use full-browser,watching Broadcast TV/movies, listeningmusic and checking mails at the swimming pool side Brightness Auto-adjustmentA light sensor is equipped forauto-adjustment of LCDsbrightness in different lightWatch motioncondition raise the brightness in dark conditionpicture in thebathroom Check the mail at Former handsetunder F706 the kitchen the sunshine(under the sunshine)11Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 13. Technology Leader Fingerprint Sensor Your finger become ID password for Fujitsu mobile phone -Fingerprint sensor support - You may have a lot of personal data in your Fujitsu mobile phone such as phone book, mail address and schedule. Fujitsu provides security solution for customer through mobile phone with fingerprint sensor as a standard function in order to protect customers important personal data. Just closing the Fujitsu mobile phone LCD cover, all key will be locked except side key. Once you have locked, no one can activate your Fujitsu mobile phone except you. Locked and unlockedLockedPassword managerFujitsu mobile phone has password manager for managing ID and password. 12Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 14. Design Trend LeaderSlate, Slide & Swing LCD Slide-Yoko-Motion With the touch technology, wide LCD and hard-keyboard, Fujitsu mobile phones bring you brand-new experience in web browsing.13 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 15. Design Trend LeaderBrand CollaborationCollaborated with 4Collaborated with UNITED ARROWS model - Genuine diamond - Carbon-taste front-panel - Original contents - Original contents - Leather strap with 4 logo accessory- Original leather case14Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 16. 15 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED