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<p>3M Double Sided Tape</p> <p>3M Double Sided TapeWe are main UK distributors for 3M, Tesa, Scapa, Sealed Air, Jiffy, Permabond and Loctite selling innovative ground breaking products.</p> <p>Selling packaging tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes, electrical tapes all manner of adhesives and sealants for a variety of applications. Stretchfilm, padded bags, strapping, polythene bags, corrugated paper rolls and bubblewrap...we are also specialist suppliers of 3m Double Sided Tape, 3m Adhesive and Tesa Double sided tape, the list goes on.</p> <p>3M Adhesive</p> <p>We offer innovative 3M double sided electronics assembly tape solutions </p> <p>The ultimate bonding tape leading the way in modern methods of manufacture for instant high strength hidden bonding of a wide of materials</p> <p>Tesa Double Sided Tape</p> <p>A versatile range of tapes to aid the process of manufacture</p> <p>Available in all sizes and colours</p> <p>3M Double Sided TapeConnect HereVisit us at:-www.castlepackaging.co.uk</p>


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