5 key takeaways from the 2nd annual culture conference by jennifer hartnett henderson

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Culture Conference5 Key TakeawaysJennifer Hartnett-HendersonDecember 21, 20162016</p> <p>Culture Work Upsets EverybodyEdgar Schein</p> <p>Occupational Culture is important baggage</p> <p>Edgar ScheinNational culture / occupational cultureSaaS is a manifestation of a managerial cultureSo is shared services and Centers of Excellence.What happens when you apply an Operations culture to Marketing culture?</p> <p>Culture is a bottomless pitEdgar Schein</p> <p>You cannot change culture in the MiddleYou must seduce the CEOYou cant transform the culture as a leader unless you are prepared to change yourself.~Edgar Schein</p> <p>Culture is your last 100 hires</p> <p>The influence of growth on culture Ron Storn, VP of People, Lyft</p> <p>The Learning Curve is the earning curve`Josh Bersin</p> <p>Technology Impacts on Job RolesJosh Bersin</p> <p>2 Pizza Rule</p> <p>Jeff Bezos used this at Amazon to drive an innovative decentralized culture. Simple rules expressed simply have powerful impacts.</p>