5 SEO Techniques to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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<p>Orangine</p> <p>5 SEO Techniques to Increase Your Blog Traffic</p> <p>Lou Anne McKeefery</p> <p>Why Invest in SEO?</p> <p>To Bring Strangers to Your Website</p> <p>Who Visits your Website</p> <p>You</p> <p>Those who know you or your business by name</p> <p>Strangers non branded keyword searches</p> <p>Client leased www.workout.com and immediately lost workout keyword or 3116 visitors a month from one keyword.</p> <p> Had they not moved domains and retained workout traffic, visitor rates would be 6080 </p> <p>Growth would have been 3900 to 6080Don't rely on one keyword, diversify.</p> <p>You also want to see traffic coming from pages other than just your index page.</p> <p>These visitors tend to find what they want more quickly.</p> <p>Your bounce rate may look pretty bad. That's because google counts a bounce if they don't look at any more pages even if they spent ten minutes on your page. There is analtyics tracking that can be added to set the bounce time.</p> <p>5 Steps to Gain More Traffic from the Free Search Results</p> <p>1. Keyword Research</p> <p>synonyms and plural forms of the wordswonder wheelrelated searchesThe search funnel typically follows this pattern: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase </p> <p>2. Create Your Posts for SEO</p> <p>Unique Keyword Rich Page Title and File Name for Each Page</p> <p>Make it Relevant with Keywords for That Page</p> <p>Make Sure Your Keywords Are Used in Your Page</p> <p>H1 for Heading Tags</p> <p>First Paragraph Contains Keywords</p> <p>Place Main Keywords Throughout, Top to Bottom. Then Make Sure Each Keyword Is Used Within Equal Intervals from Top to Bottom.</p> <p>Use Keywords in Your Audio, Video and Image File Names and Descriptions</p> <p>3. Seo Friendly Site Structure</p> <p>Make Sure Url Is Pretty, Uses Keywords Without ?, Log Numbers, and Lettershttp://theworkout.com/workout-routines/core-body-workout/</p> <p>Name Categories Using Your Major Search Words to Organize Your Content</p> <p>Set up the Url Directory Structure to Convey Related Pages</p> <p>4. Keep Site Content Fresh</p> <p>Revisit Old Pages and Update Them as New Developments Occur</p> <p>Making a 20 Percent or More Change to Content Tells the Search Engines There's Updated Content and Invites Them to Come Back to That Page for Indexing.</p> <p>5. Know How People Get to Your Site</p> <p>Install Web Analytics with Report Segments Based on Search Word Positions Which Bring Traffic to Your Site from Page 2 of the Search Results</p> <p>Traits of a Search Friendly Site</p> <p>Every Post Has a Unique Title Tag with the Keywords Matching the Post</p> <p>Every Post Has a Well Written Description Meta Tag</p> <p>The Images, Podcasts and Videos Are Named Using the Keywords as Well as the Description and File Name</p> <p>site:domain.com</p> <p>Traits of a Search Friendly Site</p> <p>Site Architecture Is Organized with the KeywordsThe Site Creates Fresh Content Weekly</p> <p>They Have a Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Account</p> <p>The Site Has Outbound and Inbound Links</p> <p>Site Owner Knows What Keywords Are Bringing Them Traffic</p> <p>Twitter : befoundseo408 418-8632</p> <p>What's Your Next Step?</p> <p>Next Step Options</p> <p>Site Evaluations</p> <p>Keyword research report $499</p> <p>Twitter : befoundseo408 418-8632</p> <p>Pulse para editar el formato del texto de ttulo</p> <p>Pulse para editar los formatos del texto del esquemaSegundo nivel del esquemaTercer nivel del esquemaCuarto nivel del esquemaQuinto nivel del esquemaSexto nivel del esquemaSptimo nivel del esquemaOctavo nivel del esquemaNoveno nivel del esquema</p>