5 Steps for Developing Successful Business Apps

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  • 5steps

    for Developing Successful

    Business Apps

    and building a roadmap to

    mobile success

  • The ugly truth...

    Large software projects on average run over budget and

    over schedule.66%

    These 5 steps can set your business on the right path

    McKinsey/Oxford Study July 2014

    McKinsey/Oxford Study July 2014

    As many as of projects go

    so badly that they can threaten the

    very existenceof the company.






  • Ask



    truthquestions and you

    will begin to nd the ?Analyse the data, prioritise the

  • What are the real pain points internally and externally?

    What is stopping growth?

  • This is where you discover the real opportunities that lie ahead.

    What can we do to make

    How can we be


    Dene business value through the use of Mobile solutions.

    Work off the data and analyse the numbers.

  • Prioritise growth opportunities including

    revenue creation, customer & employee

    engagement and boost brand awareness.

  • What will make a difference to your bottom line quickly?

    What will delight your customers bykeeping them coming back for more?

    Select the best ideas with the highest business value.

  • Summon the inner spirit of the

    doc in Back to The Future.

    Be agile and lean.


  • Be agile and lean.

    Be laser focused andhave clear objectives.

    Turn ideas into reality.

    Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Validate your ideas through testing, take on board user feedback and iterate.

    Work in sprints and fail quickly.

    Test / Validate / Test

  • This is what we call the Innovation Powerhouse

    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

    Soon your time machine will y.

  • Here are our

    guiding principles that we follow in our

    Innovation Hub:



  • 1. The team must be empowered to

    make decisions.

  • 2. Capture requirements at a high level;

    keep themvisual.

  • 3. Involve users and testers early and throughout

    the project.

  • 4. Requirements evolve but the timescale is xed.

    15 18 20 24

  • 5. Develop small,incremental releasesand iterate.

  • 6. Focus on frequent delivery

    of products.

  • each feature before

    moving on to the



  • 8. Apply the80 / 20 rule.



  • 9. Test early and often.

  • 10. A collaborative approach between all stakeholders

    is essential.

    This is how we mitigate risk when building world-class

    enterprise apps.10 Principles adapted from Kelly Walters What is Agile?

  • Build an innovation hub ready to test and validate ideas quickly.

    This saves you time, money and resources.


  • The results you achieve

    should be tangible.

    Theyre calculated to improve your business and generate revenue growth.

  • Add further value by taking into

    consideration the

    four main cost factors that affect


  • 12

    Ease of use of

    the application

    Ease of


  • 34

    Ease of


    Upkeep and


  • The focus should always be on innovation and delivering a roadmap for


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