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1. This 5 TIP series will expose how a 17 year Law Enforcement Officer with an Introvert Personality struggled to build his MLM business, to building a business well over 2,000 customers, and consultants, using the POWER of online marketing. 2. Hey, Troy Webb here from www.toolstoprosperity.com 3. Now I know there are many hard working people, with demanding, high stress careers reading this right now. 4. Some of you may look at Network Marketing as a way to supplement your current income, or as a way to build a long term, ongoing residual income, 5. put a child through college, pay bills, or even as a replacement of your current job. 6. Building a business on the side and working a full time job can be very demanding. 7. By the time you get off work and get home youre tired, wore out, and defiantly not up for going out and looking for potential prospects for your business. 8. So, what do you do? 9. What steps should you take to try and grow your business? 10. What did I do to build my business to well over 2,000 customers, consultants, and preferred members, 11. while working a very, high stress, demanding job, and having the cards stacked against me because of my Introvert Personality? 12. Before we jump into the 5 tip series to building your MLM business online, I want to share my story. 13. Back in 2008 I was introduced and also joined my very first network marketing company. 14. I attended every meeting I could, learning about the products, the comp plan, and how of course to grow my business. 15. What I learned in every single business building class was: 16. Build a list of 100 names. 17. Host home parties. 18. Meet 3 new people every day and share your business. 19. So, I went to work. I created my list, I conducted a few home parties, and I even approached several strangers and guess what it worked. 20. These strategies absolutely work. However, with my demanding work schedule and odd hours, it was very difficult for me to work these strategies effectively. 21. I had to find a better way if I wanted to achieve any kind of success. 22. That better way my friend was the internet! In late 2008 I launched a website entirely focused on my MLM business. 23. I started seeing some amazing results; however, I also made a lot of mistakes. 24. Some of these mistakes, even made my MLM company completely change the rules on how you can market their products online. These changes resulted in the closure of my website. 25. This brings me to the first tip in this 5 part series The #1 MLM Tip for Building your Business Online. 26. Okay, lets get started, click on the link below to view our Slide Share Profile and these 5 tips growing and building your MLM business online! See you on the next presentation!