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Are you attending Dreamforce, but have no idea how to make the most of it or, better yet, to actually get an ROI from it? Our handy eBook is just what you need!


  • 1. 5 ways to GET MOREatShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 1 of 44

2. Notices & DisclaimerThe PowerPoint Version ofthis eBook is available atShiftSelling.com/DreamforceI make no commissions or referral feesof any kind from any of the people orcompanies mentioned in this eBook.To meet at Dreamforce or pick my brain about any ofthe ideas or resources mentioned in this eBookplease call or text me at +1.403.874.2998All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of theirrespective owners. The company, product and service namesused in this eBook are for identification purposes only.!ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 1 of 44 3. About The AuthorCraig Elias is the creator of Trigger Event Selling,Chief Catalyst of Shift Selling Inc., author of theaward-winning sales book SHiFT! and LinkedInuser 3,956 of over 325 Million users.Craig's knowledge of prospecting and lead generationhas resulted in: A 20- year track record as a top sales performer Coverage on NBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal Winning a $1,000,000 prize in a global billion dollar idea competition Being named 15th on Forbes list of the worlds most social sales people Having his last company twice chosen by Dow Jones as one of the 50most promising companies in North AmericaShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 2 of 44 4. Trigger Event Selling BookSteven M.R. Covey simple but profound truths that will help you leverage intent forimmediate action and cut down the selling cycle, while creating lastingbonds with customers.Gerhard GschwandtnerThis process is destined to expand the traditional division of the salesteam into hunters and farmers by adding a new category: the trapper.Keith FerrazziBy combining the power of relationships with timing what Elias andShanto call Trigger Events the authors present a powerful salesstrategyIvan Misner capitalize on the key moments that will bring you success in a busy,fast-paced world. This is a must read!Tim Draperif you want to sell anything to anyone. Read this book and thenSell! Sell! Sell!ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 3 of 44 5. Four ObjectivesThis eBook has been created to help you accomplishfour key objectives at Dreamforce21 3Get moremeetingsGet morefollow-up calls4Get more prospectson a drip/nurture listGet moresalesShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 4 of 44 6. #1DO THERIGHTTHINGSShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 5 of 44 7. What you see dependson what you look for.-John Lubbock ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 6 of 44 8. Look For the Right ProspectsThe right prospects have three criteria:1. Meet your ideal customer profile (ICP).2. Have the ability to make a purchase.3. Recently dissatisfied with the Status Quo.These prospects are up to 10 times more likely to switch vendors.ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 7 of 44 9. Ask the Right QuestionsStart with an attention-getting question that raisestheir curiosity and stops them in their tracks.Then ask how they would like to improve upon theircurrent situation.If there is a potential fit, ask for five minutes of theirtime to show what you have.Indicators of a potential fit: Give you 5 or more minutes at the show. Willing to arrange a post-show call ormeeting.ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 8 of 44 10. Give the Right AnswersGet booth visitors to ask How do you do that?DO use verbs that describe theoutcome of being your customer.DONT use nouns thatdescribe your offering.Here are some of my favorite examples:We help CIOs eliminate vendor incompatibility.We help CFOs minimize inventory write downs.We help sales teams close more sales by beingfirst-in again, and again, and again (this is what I do).ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 9 of 44 11. #2FOLLOWUPShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 10 of 44 12. The two most importantrequirements for majorsuccess are:1. Being in the right place at theright time,2. Doing something about it. Ray Kroc, Founding CEOShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 11 of 44 13. Prioritize Your Follow UpUse a lead scoring system like the one below to rank your leads and then be sure tofollow up on your hottest leads first.Scoring FactorRanking2 1 0Most Recent Trigger Event Want Afford JustifyTime to Decision Under 2 weeks 2 weeks to8 weeks Over 8 weeksContact Level Money, Authority,& InfluenceAuthority& Influence InfluenceCredibility Relationship Leveraged ExpertiseLong Term Potential Over $1 Million $500,000 to$999, 999 Under $500, 000ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 12 of 44 14. Assign Leads ASAPDownload and assign your leads each night.Empower sales reps so they can easily emailall hot leads that night asking for a follow upmeeting the next day.Make it as easy as possible to respond to theemail by including the sales persons cellphone number. Including a cell phone number makes it easyfor the prospect to call or text.ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 13 of 44 15. Follow Up More Than OnceIt typically takes 4-6 follow upsto get a response yet mostsales people give up after justone or two attempts.If you dont get a responsefrom the person who visited, tryfollowing up with their boss.Mention the booth visit in yourcall/email.If you still get no response, trycalling other department headsfrom the same company that wouldbe impacted by your solution.ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 14 of 44 16. #3DONT TAKENO FORAN ANSWERShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 15 of 44 17. Things Change80% of B2B purchases areunplanned andunbudgeted. Breaking Out Of The Funnel DemandGen, 2013ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 16 of 44 18. One More QuestionA wise sales trainer in Wales (where my dad was born) named Peter ODonoghue wrote anawesome eBook Triple Your B2B Sales Pipeline In 90 Days Or Less (direct link, no registration required)On Page 24, section 2, of his eBook he saysAny email follow up response,except unsubscribe, is a bridge toa call where you ask a question. Try it. Youll be amazed how well it works!ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 17 of 44 19. Follow Up Six Times and Then Six years ago the father of Sales 2.0 - NigelEdelshain wrote a blog post saying youshould follow up six times and then put them inthe greenhouse meaning put them on a drip/nurturing campaign.The only thing I would add to that is use TomBatchelders stalled deal email strategy beforeyou add them to a nurturing list.My customers get a50%response rate!ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 18 of 44 20. No Does Not Mean NeverSo you used Toms, stalled deal, email strategyand they said there is no opportunity. No just means not right now Listen for Trigger Events that disrupt the Status Quoand reach out again knowing they are nowthinking about this again E.g. Email address begins to bounce indicates a jobchange Reach a marketing automation scoring threshold Access a resource such as a ROI calculator or whitepaper that helps them justify their purchaseShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 19 of 44 21. #4USE THERIGHTTOOLSShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 20 of 44 22. Sales 2.0 and Social Selling Tools What follows is a list of my favorite Sales 2.0and social selling tools All, but one, are tools that I and/or mycustomers use (Can you guess which one Im notusing yet?) I have included the names and cell phonenumbers of my most senior contact for mostcompanies so you you can call them directly I also say if they are exhibiting or attendingDreamforce 2014ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 21 of 44 23. Trigger alert lead generation,market research and customerresearch tool.Discover hot leadsFind new market segmentsCreate smart lists that are alwaysup to dateJames Rogers: Cell +1.512.825.1197Booth# W631Schedule a booth visitShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 22 of 44 24. The easiest way to make suretradeshow leads get followed upat least six times.Combines the best of outsourced leadfollow up with your sales persons ownvoiceImproves email response rates by upto 600%Increases the size of your salesforcewithout increasing your payrollPatrick Cahill: Cell +1.617.512.1226Not at DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 23 of 44 25. Extremely simple email verificationthat lets you know if a leadsemail address is still valid.One bounced email = 4 opportunities1. Where did they go?2. Who did they replace?3. Who replaced them?4. Where did this replacementcome from?Matt McFee: Cell +1.980.621.1625Not at DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 24 of 44 26. Get up to the minute research onpeople you are about to meet.Delivered to your inbox justbefore you meetAutomatic & filtered for mostimportant infoWorks for the person and thecompany they work forAaron Franzin: Cell +1.847.284.0723Attending DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 25 of 44 27. Ive been a user since it wasJigSaw in 2004.Every level of contact: staff to C-LevelCrowdsourced contact information thatprovides email address & directnumbersUse this when a lead moves companiesso you can reach out to the person theyused to report to & the person whoreported to themShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 26 of 44 28. Intelligently scans your incoming emailsand auto-enriches contact details inyour address book and CRM.Works with Salesforce, Gmail, andOutlookGoes back as far as 5 years worthof emailsThey also have a Chrome extension thatgrabs contact info from web pagesPhilipe Laval: Cell +1.650.681.4161Attending DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 27 of 44 29. Lead capture tool that improvestrade show ROI and replaces fatstacks of catalogs.Tradeshow prospect captureImproves lead quality and follow upIntegrates with Salesforce.com andmarketing automation toolsRusty Bishop: Cell +1.619.548.5129Attending DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 28 of 44 30. A comprehensive sales accelerationplatform that creates high-performancesales teams.Predictive analytics shows which leadsyou are most likely to contact, qualify,and closeData visualization helps you identifytrends and make data actionableGamification motivates your sales teamKen Krogue: Phone +1.385.207.7252Booth# N1200 and W621ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 29 of 44 31. Simplifies the process of keepingyour CRM and marketingautomation tools up to date.Automates common tasksUpdates CRM and marketingautomation tools while visitingany web pageIdentifies the best ways to reachdecision makersSean Burke: Cell +1.813.469.0038Attending DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 30 of 44 32. Saved searches tell you whensomeone changes jobs & ismore likely to switch vendors.Remember, one job change = 4 opportunitiesKoka Sexton: Cell +1.925.386.6394Booth# N1034ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 31 of 44 33. What happens when youre thefounder and CTO of a technologycompany that gets acquired for$957 Million?You start another one, call itNudge, and launch it atDreamforce 2014.Steve Woods: Cell +1.416.903.0171Booth# N2210ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 32 of 44 34. The fastest way to get an emailaddress when decision makersare brand new in their job.Builds email addresses on the flyfrom public web pagesImports from LinkedIn and othersocial networks no matter yourlevel of connectionPuts the data directly intoSalesforce.comKyle Porter: Cell +1.678.810.1982Booth# W4ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 33 of 44 35. Helps you build stronger sales scriptsbased on the product you sell andthe people you are selling to.Tells you what to sayHelps you understandwhat to askBuilds responses tocommon objectionsMichael Halper: Cell +1.832-495-8416Not at DreamforceShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 34 of 44 36. The most amazing email tool Iveever seen think marketingautomation but for salespeople.Email templates streamline communicationsand improve response timesTracks email opens, clicks, website visits, &PDF views, so I follow up more intelligentlyA time saving Chrome extension bridges thegap between your inbox and SalesforceTK Kader: +1.917.939.9306Booth# W118ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 35 of 44 37. #5STARTTODAYShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 36 of 44 38. Everyone listens to the same radio stationWIFM Whats In it For MeShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 37 of 44 39. What to SayIn order to get their attention you need toTell them what they want to hear Remember to use verbs thatdescribe the outcome of beingyour customer, not nouns thatdescribe your offeringTell them whats new and why its worthsetting up a 10 minute meeting at the showTell them youll have your boss or productengineer at the booth so they can leave withall their questions answeredShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 38 of 44 40. What to Ask ForA specific time to meet The sooner in the show, the better. Meetingsooner turns off selective perception andreduces the likelihood theyll spend much timewith your competitionA 2nd person (preferably their boss) toattend When two people from your prospects'company attend, the conversation about you &your offering continues long after yourmeeting/demo is overA commitment that moves the sale forwardShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 39 of 44 41. Where to StartStart with your currentcustomers and prospectsthat are already in yourpipelineNext, include the list oflost opportunities andthose that resulted in aNo decisionLastly, use your list ofleads from previous yearsat Dreamforce, and leadsfrom other trade shows, tosee if they are going to beat Dreamforce 2014ShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 40 of 44 42. ADDITIONALRESOURCESShiftSelling.com | Craig Elias - Cell/Text +1.403.874.2998 | Page 41 of 44 43. ShiftSelling.com/DreamforceUse this form http://ShiftSelling.com/Dreamforceto download: The lead scoring worksheet I mention, in Excelformat Ill also email you a completed exampleand instructions on how to use it A free copy of my award-winning sales bookSHiFT! Harness the Trigger E...