5 Ways to Get More out of Social Media

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  • 1. Five ways to get moreout of your time inSocial Media MarketingBy Candy SugarmanPlayBig Online Marketing

2. MAKE IT A PRIORITY Makethe decision that you will use Social Media marketing to grow your business. Decidehow much time you are willing to put into it each day (10 minutes is acceptable). 3. MAKE IT A HABIT IncorporateSocial Media marketing into your routine. Pick a time of day that you can do 10 minutes of networking and actually do it. 4. PLAN IT Take30 minutes out at the beginning or the end of each week to write out and plan your posts. 5. GET HELP Gethelp writing posts Havesome post and respond for you Hire someone for everything Utilize tools 6. EDUCATE YOURSELF Make time in your schedule to educate yourself about how to effectively use the Social networking sites.www.EasySocialMediaLearning.com 7. PLAYBIGONLINEMARKETING.COM Facebook.com/PlayBigOnlineMarketing @SocialCandy www.LinkedIn.com/in/CandySugarman www.EasySocialMediaLearning.com