5 Ways to Reward Your Employees This Holiday Season

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  • 1 - Have lunch and treats brought inWith the holidays also brings the end of the year. Why not have a delicious lunch brought in every day to the days leading up to the holiday break?

    Show your employees you care by giving them an extra long lunch as well.

  • 2 Offer casual daysInstead of the traditional casual Friday, why not make the week (or 2 weeks) leading up to the holiday break casual?

    Have the different departments join in an Ugly Sweater contest and have small prizes for each winner.

  • 3 Offer flexible working hoursThe holidays are a time when family arrives and time off is needed. Maybe some employees dont feel comfortable with taking the entire week off. Why not let them leave early (or come in late) some days? If coverage allows, why not?

  • 4 - TelecommuteGive the employee an option to work from home. As long as they are in touch during working hours, it can benefit both employee and employer.

  • 5 Show you careA fun idea that also shows you care about your employees is to give them coffee. Dont just buy a box of Starbucks and leave it in the kitchen. Im talking about finding a cart, have all of your items on the cart, walk around, and ask your employees if they would like some coffee. Interact with them and talk with them. Find out what their plans for the holiday are. Believe me, an employee that sees their boss serving up coffee shows that you are personable and that you care about your employees.

  • These 5 ways to reward your employees do not cost a lot and can boost morale at the holiday season when people need it the most.Yolanda Crowley, OwnerCrowley Assistant Services, LLCwww.crowleyassistant.com

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