6 Common Household Myths Debunked

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Myth #1 -Rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Actually, rinsing dishes before loading them in the dishwasher doesnt get them any cleaner. Youmay actually be doing more harm than good. According to Consumer Reports, pre-rinsing canwaste more than 6,000 gallons of water each year. You could even damage your dishes. Withoutenough grime to clean, the high level of alkaline in dishwasher detergents tend to be moreaggressive on your dishes causing cloudiness and scratches.

Myth #2 - Appliances dont use power when theyre not being used

Appliances do use power in standby mode. Leaving your cell phone charger plugged into theoutlet without charging your phone uses power about 1 watt of electricity. And your TV digitalcable box consumes 33 watts. In other words, the more appliances you leave plugged in, themore electricity youre wasting.

Myth #3 - When you get home on a hot day, turn down the thermostat to cool yourhouse off faster

Unfortunately, it doesnt work. While instant results would be nice, that just isnt the case.Rather than pump out more cool air in a shorter amount of time, your AC will just run longer.

Myth #4 -Leaving a ceiling fan on while you're not home will cool off the room

Fans cool your skin, not the air; they have no effect on the room temperature. A fan works by circulating the air within a space so when the air moves across the skin it makes us feel coolerwhile the air temperature in the room stays the same. If a fan runs when no one is there, no one is feeling the benefits so its just wasting electricity.

Myth #5 - Extension cords are a must these days. And they last forever

Long-term use of an extension cord can cause the insulation to deteriorate and cause a fire.According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, about 3,300 home fires are causedby faulty or damaged extension cords each year.Protect yourselfand only use one on atemporary basis.

Myth #6 -A smoke alarm will alert you before the fire actually starts

While some detectors can identify a fire in the very early stages the smoldering phase theyrenot smart enough to sound off before the fire starts. That being said, having smoke detectors onevery floor of your home is important. Batteries should be tested regularly and changed every sixmonths.

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