6 Traits of Successful Marketers

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Why should you consider a career in marketing and what skills will make you successful?


<ul><li> 1. Marketing: Why pursue it and skills critical to your success? </li></ul> <p> 2. Look around and youll notice Product brands Service brands Events and shows as brands People brands Destination brands We live in a world enveloped by brands 3. Good Excited Confident Successful Useful And much more! Brands make us feel 4. But generating a positive emotion cant be your reason to become a brand-builder 5. The BIGGEST reason to become one is because this planet needs you to 6. It needs people who have the POWER to change the world and the HUMILITY to not be arrogant about it 7. Who can TRANSFORM the way people think, feel and behave for the better 8. But before you decide to take the plunge, you might want to take a look at some key TRAITS that make certain marketers stand out and be leaps ahead of others 9. 1. An intuitive ability to understand HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY and CONNECT with people of all ages This is very helpful because most powerful brands work on deep human insights That is why they have the ability to move us Think brand Harley Davidson, Zara or facebook and the way they impact us 10. 2. An openness to being PROVEN WRONG It is one thing to understand people, quite another to believe that you know it all Consumer research can often contradict your hypotheses and you must be willing to accept it, in order to make the right decisions at work 11. 3. The ability to be hands on with NUMBERS All kinds of data need to be looked at and analyzed, by a marketer Production, costs, sales figures, brand evaluation metrics and so on So make sure youre not a number-hater, if youre seriously considering a career here 12. 4. An eye for good DESIGN We live in a highly visual world today and most brands need to deliver visual experiences and not just stop at product or service promises This is where the aptitude to judge good design from bad and visualize the unconventional, come in handy 13. 5. The ability to connect brand-building with SALES The point of your being in this profession is not just to make fancy advertising campaigns but to draw consumers in, to buy more of your brand No budding marketer should think that just because they are in marketing, they can leave selling to someone else 14. 6. The desire to constantly EVOLVE Just as you wish to continue improving as a person, your brand also needs to Else competition will eat it up in no time and consumers will be more than willing to check out another option Think Kodak and its failure to keep pace with digital imaging versus LOreals strategy of constantly bringing out innovative personal care products 15. The 6 Traits of a Successful Marketer 1. Understand human psychology and connect with people easily 2. Open to being proven wrong 3. Hands-on with numerical data 4. Good design sense 5. Connect brand-building to sales 6. Desire to constantly evolve 16. Finally, there are 3 attributes that form the BUILDING BLOCKS to your growth Being a. Self-driven b. Persistent c. Great at communicating your thoughts 17. Thats all. Tools, techniques, jargon, new media can all be learnt. As long as you have these traits and building blocks, then no one can stop you from becoming the next GREAT MARKETER of this century! 18. Agree? Disagree? Useful or Useless? Please do share your comments below </p>