7 Myths of Outsourcing - Debunked

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In this presentation, we list down the most common misconceptions about outsourcing and debunk them.


  • 2. MYTH #1 Companies only outsource to reduce costs 100% of satisfied customers stay for increased capability & capacity.
  • 3. MYTH #2 A job outsourced is a job lost Actually, Outsourcing makes way for companies to afford opening up more specialized jobs locally.
  • 4. MYTH #3 Language will be a hurdle With locations like the Philippines that has a high English proficiency rate, language skills are a selling-point rather than a problem.
  • 5. MYTH #4 It might save us money, but it will compromise quality Outsourcing enhances the quality of customer service through specialization.
  • 6. MYTH #5 We will spend too much time training the outsourcers agents BPOs have mastered the art of training and onboarding staff, so you dont have to worry about this anymore.
  • 7. MYTH # I will have no control over an outsourcer The quality and consistency of your operations are ensured by setting KPIs, metrics, monitoring and more. 6
  • 8. MYTH # We will have to pay very high setup fees The rise of cloud technology solutions and a more flexible workforce means setting up a team is now more affordable than ever. 7
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