7 Reasons Why Engagement Marketing Is Good For Brands

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  • 1.
      • 7 Reasons why
      • is good for Brands
      • Tej Arora
      • SmartCrowds Software
      • http://brandadda.com
      • http://smartcrowds.com
      • The Roundtable for Consumers & Brands

2. Why Engagement Marketing?

  • Separate presentation done on the what of Engagement Marketing
  • This one is about the why is it good for me question from Brands
  • But quickly, Why is it important in the first place?
    • Consumer is king/queen
    • The internet makes them God
      • The voice of influence
      • Co-creator, Co-designer, Co-producer, Co-inventor
    • One-way Marketing messages that treat Consumers as passive are passe

3. 1. A perennial source of ideas on what consumers would really like from the Brand

  • Expand your pool of creativity & innovation beyond your companys borders
  • You have thousands, if not millions, thinking for you

4. 2. An instantly available focus group you can reach out to help with your decision-making

  • Handy, quick decision-support
  • So many decisions to make, so little time!

5. 3. A way to measure and optimize your ad campaigns in traditional media

  • All you have to do is ask
  • Optimize the gazillions you spend on advertisement without a clear understanding of its impact and effectiveness
  • Pre-testing, Post-testing, Campaign Ideation

6. 4. A great audience to help you with Product Testing before launch

  • This is an audience that cares about your Brand!

7. 5. A highly impactful PR channel

  • When your involvement is trust-generating, you dont just have a PR team anymore, you have an army!!
  • Impact extends to the offline world too!
  • Common worry: What if it is negative vibes?
    • Wouldnt you rather be there to address the reasons for the negative vibes and tackle the problem before it becomes a crisis?
    • Imagine the positive goodwill you will gain when you deal with it head-on and turn the tide
    • Will the problem go away if you hide or suppress it? (lookup Streisand Effect)

8. 6. A sound way to nurture leads for your products & services

  • When youre there to listen, talk, and share, you become a very personable brand.
  • Your Brand gains the aura of the human touch

9. 7. A great way to share useful and fun content with consumers

  • Here's an audience you know something about, an audience that is loyal to you
  • Many things that can be shared
    • photos or video clips of your Brand Ambassador
    • how-to video
    • free downloads of entertaining / useful / informative content
    • promotions & offers

10. Brands & Religion activate the same area of the brain Martin Lindstrom,author ofBuyology Brands should make Engagement Marketing be a part of any Marketing Mix!! 11. Some reference material...

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