7 Ways To Build Your Brand With Content Marketing

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ThePublicityGalPresents7 Ways To Build Your Brand With Content Marketing

1Lisa Horn, CAS

Hello! Im Lisa Horn, CAS, a.k.a. @ThePublicityGal, and I specialize in PR, content marketing & publicity using a journalistic approach. Authentic storytellingnot spin. I put my 20 years of promotional products industry experience to work consulting with a number of suppliers, distributors and service providers on their publicity, catalog, social media and strategic communication efforts.

Takeaways: What Youll LearnIn todays webinar, we will:Discuss current content marketing trends & how they apply to the promo products industryUnderstand 7 ways you can create content to boost your brandLearn essential content development tips to get you startedKnow the 3 must-haves to every content pieces

Get Social: Live SharingTweet away!Please use #WednesdayWebinar, @thepublicitygal and/or @paulkiewiet so everyone can engage in the conversation.

4Product Or Service Purchasing Habits In A Digital AgeBefore making a consumer purchase, from a book to a new car, what do you do? You put Google to workby investigating the product, pricing & locations. And all this happens before dropping a dollar. The same is true in business.

Why Content?Buyers need content thatmakes them smarter andmore knowledgeable.Businesses that providethat content will win.Joe Pulizzi & Newt BarrettGet Content, Get Customers

6Content By The NumbersContent marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing & generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)60% of marketers create at least one piece of content weekly (Source: eMarketer)Only 32% of marketers say they are effectively executing enough content (Source: Aberdeen)The average organization spends 30% of its marketing budget on content, with the most effective spending 39%. (Source: CMI)

7Top 5 Content Marketing GoalsAccording to the Content Marketing Institute, marketers most often use content to achieve these goals:Brand AwarenessLead GenerationCustomer AcquisitionThought LeadershipEngagement

8Content: Selling Vs. BuyingTodays buyers demand much from their business partners. They dont want to be sold; they want to be given a reason to buy.

Give them a reason by becoming a resource that provides educational content, and youll naturally attract buyers without the hard sell.9What Can Content Do?Tell Your StoryEducate AudienceAttract BuyersOvercome ObjectionsBuild BuzzCreate TrustBuild LoyaltyConvert Sales

10Boost Your Brand With ContentBlogsSocial MediaEmailNewslettersPREarned MediaPresentations

11BlogsBlogs allow you to publish content that you own as frequently as you want, building an information asset that builds year after year.

What blogging platform is right for you? Check your options: http://knolzone.com/2014/03/beautiful-best-blogging-platforms/

12Blogs: Fast FactsThe most effective B2B marketers believe blogs are the most powerful content marketing tactic (Source: CMI)82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing. (Source: HubSpot)Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1200 new leads per month (Source: HubSpot)

13Social MediaToday, participation in social media is expected. The key to success is using the platform where your audience is engaged.

14Social Media: Fast FactsThe most common content marketing tactic is social media, used by 87% of marketers.B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is the most effective social media network for content promotion49% of small businesses believe SlideShare is highly effective content promotion

(Source: CMI)

15EmailPeople who opt in to your email list want to hear from you. Make it worth their time!Go beyond just sending product. Give ideas on how to use it, info to make their job easierand enhance your sales process.Customers who receive email newsletters spend82% more when they buy from the company. (Source: iContact)

16NewslettersNewsletters are a powerful communication tool as a stand-alone vehicle or when combined with other content marketing tactics.

Electronic or Print? Both?

Success: Must commit to a regular publishing schedule.

17Publicity & PRBeing featured in media outlets relevant to your audience not only boosts your visibility but also provides an independent third-party endorsement that enhances your credibility. Press ReleasesMedia InterviewsBylined Articles

18Earned MediaEarned media, whetherquoted interviews orbylined articles, showcaseyour expertise and boostyour credibilityand help you reach new readers.

Look for opportunities in media that your customers and prospects read!

19PresentationsTeaching is one of the most definitive ways to demonstrate your expertise. Look for opportunities locally, nationallyor host your own.Education SessionsWebinarsKeynote Speeches

20Getting StartedUnderstand Your AudienceThink Like A JournalistWrite What You Know

Before you begin your content marketing journey, consider 3 best practices:

21Understand Your AudienceBefore putting fingertips to keyboard, you must first understand youraudiences informationneeds. What are their pain points and howcan you be a resourceto make life easier?Remember: Content must be meaningful, relevant & actionablewhich can only be determined by your audience.

22Think Like A JournalistLook for the story behind the sale. Dont sell.Address needs, solve problems, offer advice.Write about experiences. Give examples.

Main content mistake: Writing about what you want to say rather than what your audience wants to hear. Instead of thinking like a marketer, think like a journalist.

23Write What You KnowAfter identifying the kind of info that appeals to your audience, then develop content. Avoid writers block by writing what you know. It:Allows you to be authenticand thats what readers want.Gives you the opportunity to share expertise & develop a reputation around your skills.Helps develop your style & voice without having to stress out about subject matter.

24Content Ideas: A JumpstartWhat questions do customers frequently ask?(addresses current needs & wants)What questions should customers ask?(offers solutions not previously considered)What recent projects have been successful?(showcases your expertise while giving ideas)What do my customers want to do better?(provides needed advice)

25Content Must HavesEvery piece of content you publish should contain 3 essential elements:A clickable headline(Get 28 headline writing ideas here: http://www.momeomagazine.com/hate-writing-headlines-28-fill-in-the-blank-headlines/) A compelling opening paragraph that further draws readers inA call to action at the end

26Editorial CalendarAvoid writers block. Develop a set of content categories first then build an editorial calendar.Provides framework for communicationOffers accountability through deadlinesAllows planning around future eventsMakes it possible to write in blocks & schedule whats donereducing any panic writing because of no recent posts.

27Integrate & Maximize People consume content in a variety of ways. Increase content visibility & ROI on your efforts by combining content pieces.Example: Blog PostsPublish on social mediaDistribute via emailInclude in internal/external newsletterCombine several related short posts to create a column length article for earned mediaCombine several articles to create ebook

28Content Builds ReputationEvery post, tweet, statusupdate, photo & videois a piece of content that has the potential topositively or negativelyreflect on your reputation & that of your company.What message are you sending? Think twice before you post!

29Everyone Is A PublisherThe simple act ofposting anythingonline makes youa publisher.

Are you thinking like one?

30Final Thoughts

Content that has no real value (Happy Monday!) is just noise. Dont post unless you have something relevant to add to the conversation.Think about your audiences needs rather than your ownand build content from there.Everything you post has the potential to buildand conversely detractfrom your personal & corporate brand. Be smart about your content.

Content DifferentiatesThis is what great marketing is all aboutturning a standard product that could be available anywhere into an incredible & ownable brand experience.Jim JosephThe Experience Effect

32Make A Commitment

What top three things that you learned today will you implement immediately?

Make a commitment to do it and set a deadline.

Share your goals with others and keep each other accountable.


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