7 ways to keep it fun while running your business

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  • 7 ways to keep it fun

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  • Keep the music on

    Music brings energy and creates a great soundtrack effect for whatever you are doing. If your business were a movie, this is your opportunity to

    envision the soundtrack for it. Elevates creativity, positivity, and collaboration. From online radio stations, to playing the guitar, or even

    going out to a local jazz club, embed music into your scene.


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  • Take it Outside

    Sunlight, air, and nature feels better than manufactured fluorescent lighting bouncing off of metal filing cabinets. If you take your business anywhere, anyway, at least make sure you take it outside. Nature is a

    great teacher and an inspiring one.


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  • Get Away

    Sometimes you just need to zoom out to get a refreshed perspective on how things are going. Allowing yourself a few days away, here and there, is the perfect way to work on your business rather than in it. Often the game changing insights come from fun time

    away and out of the stuck and everyday routine.


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  • Create Unique Experiences

    We remember and appreciate experiences more than stuff, especially nowadays with our ability to capture and share great pictures too. It

    doesn't necessarily take time or money, just creativity and courage, and you have a great story to tell. What type of business photo album are

    you creating?


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  • Play Together

    Team members, who play together, stay together. You just need to make sure your team is playing the right games that work out

    collaborative and creative muscles. Playing a game should be a part of your day and not a break from it.


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  • Open Communication

    The new world of business exists in authenticity, transparency, and elevated conversations. What is communication if not an open stream of ideas, passions, and thoughts mixed in with a healthy amount of self expression? In the end, it's all about people and the most fun you can

    have in your business is a great conversation.


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  • Travel & Explore

    You are only a few hundred dollars away from anywhere you would want to go, so go! Dip into different locations and cultures for new exotic flavors to bring back and infuse into your business. With social media, it's never been easier to make great friends out there who are

    waiting for you to meet them along the way.


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