7 Ways to Thank Your Customers

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  1. 1. Featuring real life examples as experienced by alicia butler pierre 7 Ways to Thank Your Customers
  2. 2. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Dr. Maya Angelou
  3. 3. How Do Your Customers Feel as a Result of Working With You?
  4. 4. When customers Feel appreciated they will give you more business and they will tell others about you Following are 7 ways you can thank your customers
  5. 5. SOLICIT THEIR FEEDBACK1 Click here to read the full article. Example: I attend a lot of webinars. One thing almost every facilitator does is to provide a forum for me and other participants to provide feedback. This shows their interest in my opinion and the willingness for continuous improvement.
  6. 6. Listen & pay attention to them2 Click here to read the full article. Example: Microsoft. Remember how furious many customers were regarding Windows 8 and its navigation? The software giant responded immediately and created Windows 10 to address customer complaints. Theyre even offering it for free.
  7. 7. Send handwritten thank you notes3 Click here to read the full article. Example: Office Angels. Every time I meet with owner, Essie Escobedo, I know that within a few days I can expect to receive a handwritten thank you note from her. I treasure these notes! It lets me know that Essie is so appreciative of her clients and colleagues that she makes it a point to take time to write a special note to them. I gladly send business to her because I know my referrals will be treated well!
  8. 8. Provide special offers4 Click here to read the full article. Example: OvernightPrints.com. This is the company that prints my business cards. In exchange for my email address and loyalty over the years, I receive emails advertising their special offers. Their service is consistent and all of their offers are backed by a quality product.
  9. 9. Give them special recognition5 Click here to read the full article. Example: American Express. As a subscriber, I receive their monthly e-newsletter which usually includes a profile of an entrepreneur/small business owner. Not only does the profiled business gain exposure to a large audience, but it guarantees customer loyalty and future sales for AMEX.
  10. 10. Extend invitations on new products 6 Click here to read the full article. Example: Brahmin. Im always impressed with this companys ability to keep things interesting for their customer base. At least once a month, I receive an email announcing a new product. By creating new handbags in short batches, Brahmin not only builds continuous anticipation but also rewards their customers by announcing the new products to them first.
  11. 11. Change your processes7 Example: EquilibriaTM, Inc. As the owner of this company, I know firsthand the value of changing your service or product offering based on customer feedback. By paying attention to viewer comments, downloads and other analytics on SlideShare, my team and I successfully launched a suite of digital process and procedure templates. Now, viewers (customers) can build an Operations Manual for their companies in less than a day. Collect deposit or retainer payment according to terms. Accounts Receivable Process - Services Your Company Name Here. Confidential. Revision #__. Date: ____ By: _______________ Ask for different form of payment Accept new project/ signed contract from client. See Records Management Process start end Scan or deposit check into banking account or Process Credit Card. YES NO Credit Card Declined Check Declined/ Bounced Counterfeit Paper Money Ask for different form of payment Ask for different form of payment Resolved? Provide receipt for transaction confirmation. Prepare invoice, statement of work or contract with applicable discounts or credits. Record transaction in Accounting log or software. Determine whether or not to charge NSF fees. Place hardcopy or electronic transaction in designated area. See Collections Process Customer confirms interest in service. Did Payment Post? YES NO Await confirmation that 100% services rendered. Thank customer for time, but services cannot be completed until acceptable payment is received & processed. Prepare & send final invoice (if applicable). Did Payment Post? NO YES Click here to read the full article.
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