A Better Way to Attract, Engage and Retain Talent

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Imagine if you knew how your employees valued each of your employer brand attributes? Then imagine knowing who they rate your delivery and communication of each value? That's the power of our new Employer Brand Attribute Action Matrix. It allows you to see how well aligned your employer brand is to your current, and future, employees. A stronger employer brand increases engagement, reduces turnover, cuts cost-per-hire and shortens time-to-fill, just to name a few benefits.

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  • 1. A Better Way to Attract, Engage and Retain TalentEmployer Brand Attribute Action Matrix
  • 2. Competition for talent is heating upA stronger employer brand is a competitive advantage in attracting, engaging and re-taining talent. It increases employee engagement, reduces turnover, cuts cost-per-hireand shortens time-to-hire, just to name a few benefits.
  • 3. Imagine candidates more engagedEmployers with a stronger employer brand attract moreand better candidates. Having a stronger employerbrand cuts cost-per-hire by 50%. Candidates are morethan twice as likely to be influenced by an employerbrand than by an external brand. Data Point Source: LinkedIn
  • 4. Imagine employees more engagedEmployers with a stronger employer brand have employees whoare more engaged. The average cost of an actively disengagedemployee is around $14,000 per employee. At any given time,25% of your workforce is actively disengaged. Data Point Sources: Gallup, McLean & Company
  • 5. Imagine employees who dontsee your competitorsEmployers with a stronger employer brand haveemployees who stay longer. The cost to replaceand onboard an employee is 2.5x the salary of thatemployee. A stronger employer brand will reducevoluntary turnover by up to 28%. Data Point Sources: Deloitte, LinkedIn
  • 6. Decision pointAre we communicating our employer brand effectively? Are the values of our employ-ees aligned with the employer brand attributes that are critical to oursuccess? Are we delivering on our employer brand promise?
  • 7. Wouldnt you like to know?Which attributes of your employer brand matter the most to your employees? How wellare you delivering on those attributes? How effectively are you communicating eachattribute?
  • 8. Pinpointing prioritizes.Prioritizing pinpoints.Allocate your resources to deliver and com-municate the things that matter the most, toyou and to your employees.
  • 9. Employer Brand Attribute Action Matrix
  • 10. Employer Brand Attribute Action MatrixWhat does it show you?The Action Matrix provides an understanding of how each attribute is valued and thenmeasures delivery and communication effectiveness.
  • 11. Employer Brand Attribute Action Matrix
  • 12. Employer Brand Attribute Action MatrixProprietary preference modelingcaptures actionable employerbrand data.
  • 13. Lets get startedOur three step process using the Action Matrix1. Identify the true value of your employer brand attributes held by your employees.2. Uncover how well you deliver and communicate each attribute.3. Create an action plan to close the gaps.
  • 14. Your employer brand is the experiencesof your people Manage your employer brand through the authenticity of the experiences ofyour people. Empower the women and men of your organization to share inthe definition and expression of your employer brands promise.
  • 15. warech associates llc provides a full range of human capital consultingexpertise to assist organizations in four strategic areas: leveraging em-ployee engagement, managing talent, transforming HR and creating anEmployee Brand Experience. Founded by Michael Warech, Ph.D.,warech associates works with leading corporations across the country.The David Group is a national recruitment, retention and employer brandcommunication agency focused on helping employers attract, engage andretain talent. With offices in Austin, Chicago and Cleveland, The DavidGroup works with employers of all sizes in developing talent communica-tion strategies and programs.
  • 16. A Better Way to Attract, Engage and Retain TalentEmployer Brand Attribute Action MatrixContactN. Robert Johnson, Practice Leader, Workforce CommunicationsThe David Group216.685.4486 or nrjohnson@davidgroup.comMichael Warech, Managing Directorwarech associates llc937.998.0885 or mwarech@warechassociates.comtdgworkforcecommunications.com