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Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce A.B.C.D.E. Alliance presentation

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  • 1. A.B.C.D.E. Alliance Presentation

2. About A.B.C.D.E. AllianceA.B.C.D.E. Alliance The Architects Builders Contractors DevelopersEngineers (A.B.C.D.E.) Alliance is comprised ofprofessional within construction and developmentarena. The A.B.C.D.E. works to represent, educate,and promote its members and ensure them economicopportunities and market presence. 3. The Anatomy of a House 4. Home Services Multipliers Appliances-Air Conditioners - Energy Efficiency - Refrigerators Driveways-Asphalt and Blacktop Concrete- Water Purification System Electrical-Light Fixtures - Outdoor Electrical Asbestos-Detection and removal Energy Efficiency -Thermostats Attics-Attic Improvements Fireplace-Electrical Fireplaces - Fireplace Maintenance and Basements-Refinishing Basements - Water DamageRepair - Gas Fireplaces - Wood-Burning Fireplaces Bathrooms-Bathroom Exhaust Fans - Bathroom Showers - Floors-Floor Heating Systems - Hardwood FloorsBathroom Tile Furniture-Furniture Repair Cabinets- Installing Cabinets Garages-Attached Garages - Garage Door Openers Caulking-Caulking Basics Get Organized -Shelves Ceilings-Ceiling Fans - Repairing Ceilings Gutters-Gutter Repairs Contractors-Hiring Contractors - Working With Contractors Home Inspections-Finding a Home Inspector Decks-Maintaining Decks Home Safety-Child Proofing - Fire Safety Doors -Door Repairs - Doorbells - Installing a New Door 5. Home Services Multipliers Home Security-Home Security System Porches- Porch Repairs Insects-Carpenter Ants - Pest Control Tips - Termites Remodeling-Demolition Insulation-Loose Fill Insulation Repairs-Emergency Repairs - Miscellaneous Repairs - SafetyTips Landscaping-Fences - Landscaping Basics Roofing-Roof Problems - Skylights Lighting-Light Fixtures - Outdoor Lighting Shelving-Installing Shelves Miscellaneous-Home Improvement Siding-Installing Siding New Construction-New Construction Problems Stairs-Stair Repair Painting-Exterior Painting - Interior Painting - Spray Paint Tools -Electric Tools Paneling-Installing Paneling - Paneling Maintenance Walls-Drywall - Framing Walls - Repairing Walls Patios-Patio Ideas Windows-Glass Block Windows - Repairing Windows Plumbing-Clogged Drains - Faucets and Sinks - Pipes ToiletsClogged Drains - Faucets and Sinks - Pipes - Toilets Woodwork-Woodwork Restoration 6. PROJECTS 7. Energy Auditing 8. Smart Home Technology 9. Deconstruction and Restoration 10. LEAD Certified Commercial Projects 11. Infrastructure Projects 12. The 90 Day Planner 13. Contact Information Joe Crooms ChairpersonAtlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce A.B.C.D.E. Alliance(404) [email protected] Visit us on Facebook