Accelerate Project Management Visibility and Control in the Public Sector

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Accelerate PM deck for webinar

Accelerate Project Management Visibility and Control for the Public Sector


March 26, 2015 Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.1Using Go To Webinar

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Note: Todays presentation is being recorded and will be providedYour Participation@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKECopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.2AgendaBenefits of a P.M.I.S.Accelerate PM: A 3 Step ApproachCloud overview and advantages Solution DemoQ&A Session@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKECopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.3Todays presenters

@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKEScott Chapman, CEO Project HostsMike Taylor, CEO Innovative-e

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Scott Chapman is the CEO and co-founder of Project Hosts, the industry leader in hosting dedicated clouds for Microsoft project server and SharePoint solutions. Scott has been involved with hosting Microsoft applications and cloud solutions since 1999, and more recently led the companys effort to obtain FedRAMP SaaS compliance for Project Server and SharePoint.

Mike Taylor is the CEO and president of Innovative-e, a leader in providing Project and Project Management business solutions. Mike has helped organizations deliver solutions built on Microsoft technologies since the mid 1990s, and is heading up the companys refinement of industry solutions for Project Server and SharePoint. we are a Microsoft Gold solutions provider that helps businesses and organizations better manage their everyday projects and information.Mike is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 20 years of IT experience.

4Benefits of a Project Management Information System (PMIS)

Increased ROI

Basic Information

Value Realization

Visual Information

Better Decisions

@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKECopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Studies show that have most knowledge work is project related. Its not just your classic PMS who are managing projects. The value of implementing robust project management systems are well documented. Not going to spout a lot of analyst statistics

This is REAL Examples: A major government organization found a management overhead spend of $1M 30% into the project whereas it should be $1M for the whole project. Identifying this early helped mitigate hundreds of thousands in additional spend.

A Healthcare provider found that some large portfolios were running over budget and schedule by hundreds of percentage points. Better portfolio management and reporting will help identify risks and conflicts up front before overcommitting resources.

Better decisions being proactive vs reactive

Value realization5

Undefined ProcessesState of PM Solutions Today

PM StrategyOver budget, again !?!?

VaryingPM MaturityDisparate Technologies

Minimal Executive Visibility

Line of Business Integration?@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKE

Ad Hoc Processes & Collaboration

Unstructured ReportingCopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.PMIS technologies have existed for 20 plus years, but what is the state of PM today?

Typically only the highest maturity organizations (engineering, product development, etc.) have good process and project management systems. HOWEVER, more and more departments and workgroups are being asked to provide detailed reporting and analytics. These folks are often left on their own to find and implement solutions

The results are that even today, the most common tools for project management are email and collaboration tools (onedrive, dropbox, sharepoint, etc. for collaboration and excel, word, powerpoint, and project desktop for reporting and analytics.

Leave data fragmented and stale. Creates tremendous amount of manual work.

6Different PerspectivesAccountabilityVisibilityTop Down Considerations

Dashboards and Reporting

Project ControlActionable InformationBottom Up ConsiderationsAdoption

@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKECopyright 2014. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.What you want vs what your boss wants Top Down Visibility (Dashboards & Reporting)Accountability & ControlSpeed and agilityROI

Bottom upAdoption (least impact on users)Project Control Actionable information

7Go ahead and say it @InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKE

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.How many have heard all that before? Are you thinking, yeah, but its too complicated!

Over the years, weve found that the complexity of the software and processes will lead organizations to avoid using them.

Do nothing or use Ad Hoc processes and tools is an acceptable strategy for many. However, when it too much manual time is spent on information management that yields inconsistent or incorrect results. If this is the case AND there the resources involved (people, money, materials) are significant, the something must be done

Stop gap or incomplete tools only make it worse. We have been drawn into helping clients try to use SharePoint, 3rd Party PM tools, Cloud PM tools, etc. only to find that customers keep driving more and more development to fill gaps in these. This leads to higher costs for development and support including upgrades over time. 8@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKE

Typical Customer Needs Executives demand visibility PM practices and processes are incomplete and/or undefined Widely varying levels of project management maturity Speed, agility, security, and scalability are critical Considerable apprehension around complexity and adoption

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Is the system ready to deliver value immediately on go live? In other words, does it have pre-configured governance, templates, artifacts, technology, reports, processes? Can it be changed quickly?

Can it be deployed quickly as it days or a few weeks instead of months?

Does it support employ security best practices and frameworks? Does it provide for more uptime and fewer maintenance outages?

Is the overall cost structure more flexible and lower to maintain?

9Combine slide 8 and 93 Step Approach 1. Get started quickly2. Focus and achieve initial wins3. Build momentum and sustain adoption

Quick intro of this approach 101. Start QuicklyCloud vs. On PremiseIncreased ReliabilityLower CostsFaster Go Live@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKE

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.In the past, these solutions were months or years to get infrastructure up and running.

Can be available in one day for simplistic Microsoft Project Online solutions. More robust solutions can be deployed in days or weeks.

Lower cost to deploy weve seen costs for the environment AND effort to develop (internal or external resources) go down

Vastly better reliability than on premise. Weve been delivering cloud/hosted solutions through partners for 9 years. Could solutions downtime is probably 90% less than on prem. 11Who is Project Hosts200920032005200620072008


201320122004Cloud Leader Recognized leader in hosting Microsoft PPM, CRM, and SharePoint Dedicated Clouds: Public, Private, Hybrid and Community Clouds with Person-2-Person supportCloud Expert11+ Years Microsoft Hosting expertise; Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Service Provider; FedRAMP Compliant, ISO/ISA/SAS Certified data centersCloud EcosystemApplications, partners, consultants and training organizations 2014Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.12Project Hosts Business BenefitsSolutions FocusSaaS solutions with partner supportCloud Advantagesfaster, more cost-effective deploymentsPerson-2-Person Supportreal Human Support 24x7Business Flexibilitycontract / terms / SLA modifications

FedRAMPPartner Support Project Hosts Technology BenefitsFedRAMP SaaS Compliant secure private, hybrid & community cloudsDedicated Cloud Solutionsvirtual dedicated servers for private, hybrid and community cloudsApplications Integrationon-cloud, between clouds, or to on-premReal-Time BI/ReportsSSRS, Direct DB Access, OLAP Cubes

FedRAMPSaaS CompliantU.S. Government Client Examples

Project Hosts is the first Cloud Service Provider to have demonstrated compliance with the rev4 FedRAMP baseline. Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director at GSA (1/22/15)

Hand off to Mike15Project Management on Your Terms@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKE

Start QuicklyIndustry and Scenario Specific SolutionsCopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Environment users are familiar. This solution was modeled from the CIO dashboard except this version provides actual project data rather than spreadsheet or xml loads.

Also perserves some of the key processes already in place such as Project Managers doing updates rather than forcing users into that level of data management on day one.

Allows for KPIs to be calculated or self attested.

Provides some artifacts and collaboration methods familiar to the users. 16Demo Dashboards for Cloud Based PMIS 3/26/2015 11:12 AM17 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

What is FedRAMP?NIST 800-53 Rev4NIST 800-53 Rev 4: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations

FISMAFedRAMP: The Federal Risk and Authorization Management ProgramA mandated (2014) government-wide program A standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and servicesdo once, use many timesframework one assessment qualifies a Cloud Service Provider (no individual C&A needed for each deployment) FISMA: Federal Information Security Management ActProcess to ensure NIST 800-53 standards are metEach deployment requires a separate C&A (Certification & Authorization)GSA, NIST, DHS, DOD, NSA, OMB, CIONISTNISTCopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Public vs Dedicated Clouds

Dedicated CloudsPublic Clouds (Microsoft 0ffice 365)Public / HybridDedicated Clouds(Project Hosts FedRAMP)ArchitectureShared Public / Multi-TenantDedicated / Multiple InstancesEnterprise Security FedRAMP (Partial - Not All Apps)FedRAMP SaaS Compliant, Agency-specific PoliciesSupport ServicesBulletin Board, Self-Serve Web FAQPerson-2-Person, with response guaranteeApplications SupportLimited, Lightweight AppsFull-featured 3rd Party Applications / Custom SWBI Reporting ToolsNoExcel, Power BI, SSRS, DashboardsDirect DB AccessNoYesWorkflowNoYes

PublicClouds Private / Community / HybridOne-size fits all approach, limited add-on applications support, click-to-accept license/terms, web/faq support Built to specific needs, full add-on applications support, flexible license/terms, person-2-person support Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.19FedRAMP IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Levels

% of required security controlsIaaS FedRAMP Compliant(Infrastructure as a Service)PaaS FedRAMP Compliant(Platform as a Service)SaaS FedRAMP Compliant(Software as a Service)IaaS22%PaaS30%SaaS100%Project Hosts FedRAMP SaaS CompliantCopyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Transition back to Mike20@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKEThis is a significant achievement in the project management world.

Richard Warren, EPAFocus and Achieve Quick Wins Specific Dimensions of Project Management

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.In this solution, we focused on a few key dimensions of project management Schedule, Cost, and Risk

Moved their self assessed maturity from 1.3 to 2.8 representing estimated annual savings of $1.9M21Objective: Adoption through AlignmentProcessPeopleTools

No PM Background


Email, Word, Excel

Basic PM Knowledge

PM Processes Standardized

Templates, Scheduling & Collaboration ToolsPM Certification

Automated Workflows, Dashboards, & Reporting

Enterprise Standard ToolsLevel 1: InitialLevel 2: RepeatableLevel 3:Defined@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKEPMOYT + AMOACopyright 2014. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.This tilted egg shows how often times the People, Processes, and Tools/Technology are not in sync this is a core problem for PM solutions

PMOYT attacks this head on by implementing solutions built around common PM/business patterns and then rapidly bringing people and processes in alignment thus righting the egg.

People: Competencies, Specializations

Processes: Business Process Modeling/Automation (Demand Mgmt, Agile, Six Sigma)


223 Step Approach Review@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKEGet Started QuicklyUtilize Cloud TechnologiesDeploy an Industry/Scenario Specific Solution

Focus and Achieve Initial WinsSpecific Dimensions of Project Management

Build Momentum and Sustain Adoption App. Mgmt. and Adoption Acceleration

Copyright 2015. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.Can be deployed quickly - days or a few weeks instead of monthsReady deliver value immediately with pre-configured governance, templates, artifacts, technology, reports, processes. Easily changedBuilds on processes already in place i.e. if PMs manage task updates, perhaps that stays the same initially.

Solves immediate needs to get Wins - (key reports, dashboards) without adding too much overhead to Project Managers and Team Members.

The PMIS is an Application. Application management processes and practices are in place to keep it going and growing over time.Adoption resources and processes are in place (job aids, how to artifacts (videos, FAQs, etc.), consultative support framework established (power users, and SMEs)

23About Innovative-eMake YOU successful

Provide Best Solutions Available

Create Great Customer Experiences

@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKECopyright 2014. All rights Reserved Innovative-e, Inc.24Features@InnoVATIVE_e @IECmIKEPMOYT ENTERPISE SOLUTIONApplicationTarget CustomersImplementation PlatformGovernment or Commercial Departments or workgroups

PMOYT ENTERPISE SOLUTIONGovernance PackageSupport & Job AidsProject Statu...


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