Adding Many Friends In "You Say TOo"

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YOUSay too is a communtiy based blogging site, where you can Share you Blogs ,


  • 1. How To Add More Friends In

2. Before joining in to
You Say Too I really felt depressed about blogging, I did not even have visitors, its seemed like I'm writing for my self.
3. Dont You Have a YST Account
4. Enjoy Blogging
Adding more friends , Will help you More Subscribers
Now I have at least 150 visitors for my Blog
Thanks to you Say too
5. Click on My Account
Go to your profile page
6. Click On My Friends
7. Scroll Down The page
8. Click on Location,Interests
Or Most Active
9. Addind friends by Location,
will be an Easy Task
10. Click on
Become Friends
to make them your Friends
Click on a Country
A City
11. Use the Same Procedure to add as many as friends you can
You can add Friends Depending on Interests and Most active Users
12. Be My Friend TOo
Enjoy Blogging