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  • RealtorsSellers SmartHomesOnline.COMGet a LoanContact Us A State-of-the-Art Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation Program. Our Call Capture System generates both warm leads and live call transfers. If you are looking to attract more potential Real Estate Buyers, We can help! Our complete system is available to For Sale By Owners at absolutely NO COST. We understand the need for todays homeowner to save both time and money. This non-evasive 24 hour information and tracking system is a great tool to increase your chance of finding a buyer for your home.

  • HomeownersAre you looking to sell your home in the quickest most cost effective manner?

    Would you like a partner that will assist you in pre-screening and pre-approving all your prospective buyers, therefore eliminating any canceled escrows?

    Would you like the support of a state of the art marketing, lead generating and tracking system?

    If you answered YES to any of this questions


  • AFFILIATESTop Producing Realtors are successful because they have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals.

    FACT: The majority of buyers do not pay cash for their homes. So most buyers will need to secure financing to purchase.

    The major cause for escrow fall outs are failures of certain Lenders not recognizing potential problems upfront. Weve got you covered!

  • Pre-Recorded Information

    Our system is a non-evasive method of providing curbside property information to prospective buyers.We will professionally record a message containing details about your home.We include property information and amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, sqft and lot size etc.

  • Heres How It WorksSellers are provided a Toll Free number and a corresponding listing code at absolutely No Cost. A message will be recorded detailing pertinent information about your home. Our Sellers will then be provided their choice of real estate signs or a sign rider to placed along with yours.

  • When a prospective buyer calls for information, our system automatically captures the callers phone number.

    Simultaneously notifying our call center and the Seller by text message or e-mail.

    At the end of the message, the caller will be provided 3 options: Request a flyer via fax demand To be transferred to a live operator Or to leave a message.

  • Live Real-Time Data CapturingWithin seconds, our system captures the prospective buyers phone number. In most cases while the caller is still in front of your home.

    More than 72% of our contacts are live transfers.

  • The Call Center If the caller selects the option to be transferred they will be greeted by an operator and asked to identify the property by its 4 digit code They will be asked a few simple questions: 1.) Are you interested in seeing this property? 2.) Before the Seller sets an appointment, they are requesting that you please fax your pre-approval letter. Have you been issued?3.) If not, would you like to be pre-approved by one of our Credit Specialist?

  • Turning Over The LeadsFollowing the initial contact, one of our representatives will contact the Seller with the buyers information and details of the conversation. Sellers will be sent a detailed summary of the initial conversation. This includes: verification of down payment, estimated closing date, and notice in advance, if a buyer requires the Sellers assistance paying any of the their closing costs.

  • Continued RelationshipsUpon selling your home, we can assist you in locating your next purchase.

    In addition, we will help you with your new purchase contract, property inspections, and closing your transaction.

    To show our appreciation, we can offer you the most completive loan programs, as well as the discounted rates and fees for your new purchase.

  • For More InformationCall us direct Toll FREE at: (866)-279-3501


    Thank You!