All You Need To Know About Selling Your Oil & Gas Leases For Earning Extra Income

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  • All You Need To Know About Selling Your Oil & Gas Leases For Earning

    Extra Income

    The present times have proven to be the most difficult for people to live. It seems like everyone

    either knows someone or is him/herself experiencing financial problems. Many have resorted

    to the olden times classic systems of barter-trade on platforms like Craigslist or others to

    provide extras to meet their family demands. The rest have decided to either lease rooms or

    sell their properties, which would have helped their children in times that are more difficult to

    live in.

    A much neglected or unknown source of income is an option to sell oil & gas leases. You can

    also opt for a mineral rights lease for generation of income from oil and gas firms or petroleum

    asset management companies. You enter in a working-interest agreement with them and you

    receive mineral interests. Many people make the choice to sell oil & amp; gas leases on their

    land as a stress-free way to generate income from their investment. Working interests are

    particularly of advantage to the property owner as the mineral exploration and production

    costs or fuel extraction costs are an expense of the company. Individuals may choose a buyer of

    mineral royalties or petroleum asset management firms to sell their gas and oil leases against a

    portion of the returns on which the firms have decided to invest.

  • If you have ever seen a lone pump jack on an empty land while driving down a highway near

    West Texas, then you have passed a land that has its mineral rights sold to oil and gas firms.

    Areas where oil is not to be found like in mountainous regions, there owners have an option of

    selling mineral rights for extraction of gold, topaz, quartz, amethyst or copper. All these are

    profitablecommodities that are in demand. Due to the high geological diversity all over United

    States, you might be at a benefit to sell oil and gas leases for work interests because the

    location does not matter. Some owners have earned over a million dollars in payouts for a 100-

    acre lease for oil rights.

    As the demand for energy increases globally, need for energy is worth a bag full of money.

    Domestic landowners of the Southern United States have opted for selling their gas and oil

    leases in response to growing energy needs. A typical royalty is about one-eighth of the

    minerals production i.e. approximately $125,000 per $1,000,000 for each work interest is

    raised when you sell oil royalty or gas royalty. This is a huge amount considering you had

    invested little to nothing. The royalty purchaser usually handles the logistical load of processing

    the land, which means that specialized equipment and expert individual costs, all will be the

    headache of the company and not the landowners.

    If you are in a possession of a land then you may want to consult with a buyer of mineral rights

    or royalty purchasing companies. You might even conduct a personal geological survey before

    asking out. You never know if you do not try because you might be literally having a gold mine

    beneath the ground. Solution to your financial problems might be just round the corner.

    Uni Royalties is your reliable source to evaluate and sell oil & gas leases for maximum returns

    on your asset. Visit our website for more information.