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<ul><li>1.Android Apps &amp; Games Vietnam Market Report </li></ul> <p>2. 1 Overview 3. Active devices Vietnam has ranked the 2nd in the world on iOS and Android Market, representing approximately 266%, indicating the rapid increase in Vietnamese mobile users Source: Flurry Analytics, 2/2013 4. Mobile OS pageviews Source: Appota 2013 Android Market Share tends to increase slightly 5. Number of Apps Source: Appota Mobile Monday 5/2013 Lessons learn from Top Mobile App in Vietnam According to the apps number estimation of Appota, til Mar 2013, this figure for Android has been always at secondof all platforms, accounting for 750.000 published app/game 6. Revenue In-APP Purchase (IAP) Source: Appota Mobile Market Report March 2013 Mobile Monday For applications distributed by Appota (Appstore.Vn), the rate of IAP is about 95%-97% 7. Growth rate iOS users Source: Appstorevn 2/2013 Take AppstoreVn an example for growht rate Users amount grew by 20% from Dec 2012 to Feb 2013, which saw the gradual increase in iOSs users to 30% 8. 2 App/Game behaviors 9. Mobile Internet Activities Source: Pocket Guide for Vietnam Mobile Market 8/2013 - Appota Vietnam Consumers use mobile internet mostly for Entertainment and News Update Refer to the demand of development these categories in app 10. App consumers Source: Pocket Guide for Vietnam Mobile Market 8/2013 - Appota 11. Mobile Gamers Source: Mobile market overview Vietnam &amp; International Mobile Monday Minh Chau Corp 2013 The rate of gamers over total mobile internet Users was 73.5% (2012). IDC predicts this figure will be increase to 83.1% as 14.8 Mil Users in 2016 Gamers Growth Rate: 68%: from 3.6 Mil 2011 to 6 Mil 2012 Mobile Gaming develops dramactically leading to the growth of mobile devices/smartphone as well as social network Total Mobile Internet Users Gamers Others 73.5% 12. 3 Games 13. Mobile Game Market Source: Mobile market overview Vietnam &amp; International Minh Chau Corp 2013 &amp; Tinh te Android Offline Games are installed from websites and stores: Google play, Vimarket, and others redistributing stores Android Online Mobile Games are downloaded from google play or play online on Publishers Websites Almost mobile game makers tend to have payment association with Telco: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone Gamers prefer paying by scratch card Mostly Android Games are Cloned Games and Rip-Off Games which are localized Vietnamese Eg: Tank Pro, K Lng C Su (Wheres my water), Qui x (Asphalt), Cuc chin thy ma (Plants vs Zombie). These games are charged minimum 5000VND for things originally free like high score upload 14. Mobile Game Market Source: Mobile market overview Vietnam &amp; International Minh Chau Corp 2013 &amp; Tinh te Keeping the position "King of GMO", Minh Chau is reaching for an international level. In recent months, with Tru Than, MC Corp stepped up to the top 20 Google Play rankings (March). This August , Minh Chu V Lm 3 has ranked NO 4 on the same list. The release of two Android version of this game did for that of the "blockbuster" became more intense. 15. Mobile Game Market Source: Pocket Guide for Vietnam Mobile Market 8/2013 16. Game Mobile Revenue Source: Pocket Guide for Vietnam Mobile Market Appota 8/2013 The revenue is about 70 Mil USD for both Online&amp;Offline Mobile Game 17. Game Mobile Revenue Source: Mobile market overview Vietnam &amp; International Mobile Monday Minh Chau Corp 2013 Game mobile Revenues Minh Chau Corp (Unit: Mil Dollars USD) PREDICTION of Minh Chau Corp: Game mobile revenue in 2016 will be higher 1.5 times than in 2013 to 30 Mil Dollars 18. Title Game Hots 2012-2013 Source: Minh Chau Corp Report 4/2013 Mobile Monday Company Quantity Title MC Corp 9 MCTQ, Tru Thn, MCVL, MC V Lm 3, Vn kim, Ty Giang h, To tho truyn, 12 Guns, V thn Me Corp 4 Long Tinh, Thnh Ct, K Tin, Thng lnh thin h VTC 4 Hong , Ho Thin, By Rng, Pokezoo Sgame 1 Chin thn FPT 1 Phong thn CMN 2 Sng du k tin, Thin a quyt VNG 1 ng Phng Hip Soha 2 Tnh kim, i G 19. Top MMORPG game 2012 Source: Mobile Game Vietnam GMO: Prediction for market 2013 BrianChen Vn Kim Ho Thin Chin thnChin thn 20. Top mobile game 2013 Source: gamek Top popular games 1st half 2013 Tnh kim Hong Online Thy h 3D iG Thin a Quyt 21. Top Android current social game 2013 Source: appannie 8/2013 22. 3 Apps 23. Categories 2012 Source: Mobile Users Preference Mobile Monday 2012 Top categories built most are going to: - Games: approximately 50% - Vietnamese, Personalization and Tools accounts for about 15% each - Next are: Book&amp; Reference Communication Entertainment Music &amp; Radio Photography Productivity 24. Categories 2012 Source: Interview Phung Tien Cong Deputy Director of MV Corp (Vietnamnet bridge 10/2012) Total income of Vietnam mobile service firm - MV Corp Lottery &amp; Soccer Online Games Ringtones Offline Games Other services 38% 32% 11% 8% According to vietnamnet bridge figures, mobile apps developed in Vietnam mostly serve entertainment demand 9% 25. Categories 2013 Source: Appota 2013 In AppstoreVn, Apps Vit downloaded accounts for 14% among categories Social Networking Apps: 9% Photo &amp; Video: 7% 26. Chat App War Source: Appota First half 2013 witnessed a competition of chat apps, including: Viber Skype Yahoo Messenger Wechat Wala Line Whatsapp And the penetration of Kakao Talk from Korea as well as the birth of Zalo of VNG Corp 27. Chat App War Source diagram: Ranking of Social Network Apps on Apple Store Jan&amp;Feb 2013 Feb 2013, No 1 went to Zalo (~ 1 Mil Users), No 2 was for Line and Kakao Talk went down to No 9 on Appstore July 2013, according to Tech In asia, Zalo hit 3 millions Users and processing 30 millions messages per day 28. Source: Top Vietnamese App Got 1Mil Downloads Google Play Pianist Developed by a Vietnamese developer, Got 1 Mil Downloads, Rank no1 on top download apps Zing mp3 For online music listening. Android Version is not good as iOS one Nhaccuatui For online music listening. Zalo For mobile messaging with rapid increase in numbers of downloads to 3 Mil (Jul 2013) Money Lover For spending management 29. Source: Top 10 free Android apps (March 2013) 30. Source: Top 10 pre paid Android apps (March 2013) 31. 4 Stores 32. 33. Source diagram: appota Vimarket (also before) is one of the first stores for publishers during the 1st period of Android penetration to Vietnam Initiall period, Android acted as a forum mainly for Android platform. Later, Mr Le Van Giap gave the birth of Android Market for Vietnamese Vimarket Vimarket was on the top 17 Final List of Vietnamese Talents Competition (Nhan Tai Dat Viet) 34. Source: 520.000 Log in Users 1200 Total Vietnamese apps&amp;games 1600 Total foreign apps&amp;games 15 Mil Downloads 1600 Developers 25.000 to 50.000 Downloads/day 35. Source: (8/2013) Top Download Apps Top Download Games Contra Downloads: 1070505 Real Fooball Gameloft Download: 590845 3D Racing car Redsun Downloads: 557667 NinjaFishing Gamnauts,Inc Downloads: 533745 Wheres my Chicken Accurve studios Downloads: 356613 Monster Shooter Gamelion studios Download: 354642 Zing me Downloads: 571770 VNG Corp IDM Internet Download Manager Gameloft Download: 425508 Zing mp3 VNG Corp Downloads: 366201 Mobile Security &amp; Antivirus Bitdefender Downloads: 268163 Naked Scanner Free Accurve studios Downloads: 263242 Winamp Nullsoft, Inc Download: 231482 36. Source: 37. Type Game, app Platforms iOS mainly, plus Android Categories All Figures 10 triu potential users 6,3 triu current users 280,000- 400,000 download per day Split Revenue (VND) (appstorevn-client) Revenue: 0 to 5 Mil: 30 70 Revenue: 5 Mil to 10 Mil: 40 60 Reveneu: Over 10 Mil: 50 50 Support If in-app purchase, top list support for 5days Until Revenue goes up 40-60, support fanpage promotion and banner top Users Payment TYM payment unit by: - Scratch Card - SMS - Paypal S dng ID Using ID by Appstorevn Cooperation Process - Upload app via 1 account, attach text game and screenshots - Test Game - Ok and publish (after 1 day exc Sunday) Summary 38. App Upload Process Source diagram: appota 39. Payment Support Source diagram: appota 40. Top Revenue Android Apps Source diagram: appota Top Revenue Apps distributed by Appota 3/2013 </p>