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Experience the fabulous & glamorous world of Angel Fashion

MISSION STATEMENT:Angel Boutique encourages the creativity and promotion of individualism through style and fashion at affordable prices. VISION STATEMENT: Angel Boutique will efficiently, competitively, and technologically provide quality and fashionable t-shirts at affordable prices for teenagers and young adults, while growing from a small start-up business to a household brand name.

OBJECTIVES To provide women with a boutique that offers an elegant and classy clothing designs.To identify fashion trendsTo showcase quality, well constructed fashions from prominent and cutting edge designers To offer a variety of beautiful and high-end fashion accessoriesTo help women learn what clothing and styles go best with their unique personalities.To generate buzz and sales through top-notch exclusive

TARGET MARKETCostumers between 17 to 30 years oldMiddle class costumersThe colleges, corporate houses, public events, games, etc.Expansion of business in all over the country and to export in near future

Direct & Indirect Competition: Advantages and CapabilitiesDIRECT: threadless Companies that provide similar products and services as our company, and can order tees onlineVariety in customer basis and accessibleINDIRECT: retailersHave much more money and ability to advertise Angels fashion brandCustomer can easily pick up a shirt they want instead of going online and searching for one. Retailers are working in correspondence with us, but they could steal our business May not want to carry our product, which is lost marketing.

Differentiation (Competitive Advantages): Social networking, college campuses, low prices, updated websites.

LOCATIONSM Sta. Mesa Branch2nd Level, SM City Sta. MesaAurora Blvd. corner Araneta Ave.,Quezon CityMetro Manila,Philippines



PRODUCTSLatest trends at the best pricesDresses, jeans, tops, accessories, swimwear, shoes and sandals.Unique and exclusive selection of merchandise (per size S, M,L)



Bags and Accessories


FINANCIAL PLANBank Investment: 1,000,000.00ANGELS BOUTIQUE STARTUP REQUIREMENT LICENSES AND PERMITS10,000.00 SPACE RENTALS ( 1ST 3 MONTHS)100,000.00 per month 300,000.00 RENOVATIONS 200,000.00 ELECTRICITY 20,000.00 SALES PRODUCTS dress and shirts,Shoes and sandalsBags and accessoriesSwimwears 1,000,000.00 ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONS150,000.00SALARY621,450.00OFFICE AND STORE SUPPLIES 37,000.00TOTAL EXPENSES2,338,450.00

SALARY OF PERSONNEL POSITIONPAY RATETOTAL MONTHLY COSTX 3 MONTHSX PER PERSONS 1 MANAGER950.00 per day29,450.00 88,350.0088,350.00 1 ASSISTANT MANAGER700.00 per day21,700.0065,100.0065,100.00 4 SALESLADY500.00 per day13,000.0039,0000.00156,000.00 2 CASHIER500.00 per day13,000.0039,000.00156,000.002 STOCK CLERKS500.00 per day13,000.0039,000.00156,000.00TOTAL PERSONNEL EXPENSE 621,450.00

SALES INCOME PER DAY50,000 sales income per day x 7 - day350,000 x 4 weeks1,400,000 x 3 months 4,200,000 (3 months sales income )-2,000,000 (bank investment) 2,200,000 (store income for 3 months)