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Aqros features in a glance

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Our mobile service ‘Aqros’ allows virtual worlds users to continue their virtual life experience from their mobile phones.

Text of Aqros features in a glance

  • 1. Aqros features in a glance
  • 2. Start the application. It is usually under application on your phones menu.
  • 3. Once started, you will see several tabs. The friends tab will show your friends and their online/offline/mobile status.
  • 4. On the IM tab , you can send IM messages to your friends (Instant messages)
  • 5. Using the neighbors tab, you can get a list of the avatars near you (neighbors) (yes: this means your avatar will be in world and can be seen by other users who can also interact with your avatar)
  • 6. Using the chat tab, you can chat with local users that are nearby (neighbors).
  • 7. Using the search tab, you can search for places and people.
  • 8. Teleport, and offer teleport to your friends.
  • 9. Wakeup : Using this feature you can wake up your Second Life friends when they are not in Second Life or using their Aqros mobile service. Wakeup will send them an SMS that will invite them to come and meet you in Second Life.
  • 10. And other social features like: add friends, add landmark (using the landmarks tab) and more. To download the free application to your mobile phone, go to

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