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  • 1. 10/9/2014 Article Marketing Ideas For Network Marketing 1/3 Search our site... Subscribe via RSS 0 0 Tweet 69 Searching for ways to use Article Marketing Ideas to build your network marketing business? Great idea! Article marketing is a great way to brand yourself as the expert and to attract quality leads to your business. Writing an article is the easiest way to generate leads and traffic to your blog or capture page. I Im sure you know this because you wouldnt be reading this if you didnt right? Ok let me get to the point at hand. Most people do not attempt to write an article because they feel like they have nothing to talk about in regards to network marketing. I want to tell you that you do, even if your brand new. Coming up with article marketing ideas is really simple. I will you tell you how I get my ideas. I tend to read a lot of books on network marketing and personal development. If something I read really sticks out I will write an article about it. Even if its not your idea you can still write about it. Everything you read was someone elses idea this goes for people who write the books or other material. Ideas are floating around you just need to keep your mind open to them. When I think of an idea I will use my phone and record the article idea. I never know when an article marketing idea will come about so I am prepared when it does. Article Marketing Ideas Are Right In Front Of You. Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 7:00 am Edit Article Marketing Ideas For Network Marketing. WantToWorkWithBennett? Home WantToWorkWithBennett? AboutBennettWatson MyLeadSystemPro OffLineNetworkMarketingTraining OnlineNetworkMarketingTraining WeeklyNetworkMarketingTraining

2. 10/9/2014 Article Marketing Ideas For Network Marketing 2/3 One night I was looking at all the notes I had taken through the training I go to for my company and webinars I attend. It was Christmas in July!!! I had tons of notes I had taken throughout the years and from all of the training events I attended. This is why they tell you to attend trainings and events because you never know what golden nuggets you will come across. YOU must take notes when you go to any type of network marketing training or event. You could have 100s of ideas just from notes alone. Majority of my articles have come from notes I have taken. When you start with an idea it turns into a full page article! You can also look at other articles written by other people and put your own spin on it or your idea. Do not steal their article that is plagarism but there is nothing wrong with putting it into your own words. Maybe you know how to do it better then the person who wrote it. You can also get article marketing ideas from blog posts or videos that people post. Its really endless the amount of ideas you can write on. Ezine Articles Can Help You With Your Article Marketing Ideas. Lastly, if your using Ezine Articles they actually have a title suggestion button on top of where you right your articles. Ive used this before and it works great! Just put in whatever niche you want to write about and it will come up with suggestions for you. But if your really serious about stepping up your game with article marketing then I suggest creating your own blog. Blogging will not only allow you to generate MLM leads on autopilot but it will also brand you as the expert or leader that people are searching for. If your having trouble coming up with your own article marketing ideas then have someone else write the articles for you! Check out this article writing service that has done for you articles to generate MLM leads on autopilot. FREE Download: How to Get More Leads, SignUp More Reps, and Make Money from the 90% Who Say No to Your Biz Opp GUARANTEED! To Your Success, Tweet 69 0 Tagged with: affiliate marketing ideas article marketing article marketing ideas for network marketing article marketing software article marketing strategies article marketing tips internet marketing ideas multi level marketing ideas network marketing business ideas network marketing ideas for inviting prospects Filed under: Article Marketing Ideas For Network Marketing Like this post? Subscribe to my RSS feed and get loads more! Comments RSS Feed TrackBack URI Leave a Reply Logged in as Bennett Watson. Logout 0Like Share Tweet 69 0 CONNECTWITHMEONTHESOCIAL NETWORKS Click The Image To Work With Bennett In His Primary Company. SearchHere! Search our site... Search LookingForACertainCategory? Select Category 0 Like Share 3. 10/9/2014 Article Marketing Ideas For Network Marketing 3/3 Copyright 2014 Powered by Flexibility 3 SubmitComment Notify me of followup comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.