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  1. 1. Australian Solar Quotes Solar Panel Quotes & Deals
  2. 2. Australian Solar Quotes is one of the leading solar information sources in the country that provides excellent and comprehensive information about the local solar panel installation companies in the Australian region. Australian Solar Quotes is a dependable and informative solar energy quote provider in Australia. Our goal is to help you for finding the solar power installation that best suits your individual requirements, at the best price. We have a team of dedicated solar professionals and renewable energy enthusiasts who want to encourage the Australian community to turn green with their energy choices by considering the use of alternative energy sources to power up their homes and businesses such as wind, hydro and solar.
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  4. 4. Solar Panel Prices When shopping around for solar power systems, the first question you are likely to ask is Should I go for a cheaper system, or will splashing out on a more expensive system be a better investment for the future? Solar panel costs in Australia can vary greatly. Generally the size of the system is the main contributing factor to price, however many other aspects can also affect the solar panels price. Typically, residential solar power systems in Australia vary from 1.5kW (6 x 250W panels) to 10kW (40 x 250W panels) in size. A 5kW solar system is generally seen as a decent sized average. Which system is right for me? This all depends on: What you are prepared to spend The amount of appropriate roof space you have available How much power you want to generate and what you will use he quality of the components you want used in the installation The level of service you expect from your installer, including after-sales service Technicalities you can handle involved in the installation, i.e. lead time
  5. 5. Solar Power Buyers Guide In our 100% free solar panel buyers guide, you will have access to expert knowledge as well as resources and tools that will assist you with the transition to solar power. Topics that the guide will cover include solar panel prices, financial incentives, technology, design and of course the installation process. Investing in solar power will save you money for years to come. Find out how here. How much can I spend on solar panels? How much money will I save using a solar power system? Will I pay upfront or finance with a solar payment plan? What rebates are available? Whats a solar feed-in tariff? What are the total costs? How do I choose the right option?
  6. 6. Need To Know Before Sign The Contract Read the terms of business Ask the right questions Research the solar company Make sure that your quote states the brand of the solar panels and inverter How soon can the company install the panels? Who is the customer service manager you will maintain contact with regarding your solar investment? What third parties will you need to deal with regarding the PV system? If you plan to buy a solar power system, it is important to know some part like Before Sign The Contract. Learn about the different solar power systems and payment plans before you invest.
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  9. 9. Some of Testimonials From Our Clients Julietta Artino Fast and Efficient! I am so happy with Australian Solar Quotes. They surpassed all of the other companies we had previously looked into for help with our solar panel research. They were fast and efficient and I am so pleased with the contractors we met. Save Money, Save Time I like to save money wherever possible, so I love a good deal. Australian Solar Quotes found me loads of good offers. Not only did I save money on the initial installation, thanks to my new solar panels, Ill be saving money on energy for years to come. Cecelia Bunn Aliah Bulk Friendly and Dedicated Staff! I ultimately didnt end up buying solar panels, but I loved the site so much that I just had to leave a review on my pleasant experience on the site. With our recent move we wont be able to do any installation work until we get settled in, but when were ready, Im definitely revisiting Australian Solar Quotes. Theyre great and so nice to work with!
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