the top 5 ways to sell anything from your blog

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    The Top 5 Ways To Sell ANYTHING From Your Blog

    Working with clients and being an avid blog reader for years has left me with a sad feeling :(.


    Because there are so many great blogs out there full of great content not making money. They have everything elsein place except for an effective way to sell from their blog. So many blogs fail either because they are afraid to sell ordont do it the right way. Whether or not you are creating your own products or affiliate products you have to sell.Today I am going to share with you 5 of the best ways to sell from your blog and the best part is that all of these areeasy to implement.

    Now this list goes without saying that you must be creating content that is relevant to what you are selling. All thecontent you create on your blog must have a purpose. If it is to sell something than you have to make sure youcontent is written in a way that provides great value but leads them to the logical next step. This is when you sell.

    So lets dig in

    1. Before Content Advertisements


  • You will notice anywhere you go on my blog there is a before content advertisement. This is a great place to sell onyour blog. One thing to point out about that box is that it is ugly and stands out from the rest of the blog. That is bydesign. It is meant to draw attention and get the click. By putting ads like this before your content you will get a lot ofclicks.

    2. Sidebar advertisement

  • While Sidebar advertisements dont get as many clicks as the before content ads they still get clicks and still sell.These are one of the most common areas to advertise on your blog and can be easily done by adding an image to awidget and placing it on your sidebar.

    I use a visual editor widget and add it to the sidebar like this:

  • 3. In content links

    In content advertisements are simple advertisements that you add within your content. These are very effectivebecause they stand out as people read your content. To really make them stand out I like to add a Yellow Box behindthem with a small snippet of html code. However, if I want to make them really subtle Ill link to the product I am sellingjust like I would any other link. Heres an example of an in content advertisement on my blog:

  • 4. After Post content

    The after post content ad is often used to get the email signup however it can also be great for getting people to buy.The reason these are so effective is because people have already consumed great content from you. The logical nextstep is to grab your paid product that teaches them further on that topic. This is a win win for both you and the personreading your content.

  • Lead Magnet > Funnel

  • Number five has to be my favorite. This is when you get people to subscribe to your email list by providing a leadmagnet or free giveaway. This is one of the most effective ways to sell from your blog.

    Once we get somebody on our email list we are able to build a relationship with them, communicate with them daily,and sell to them over and over again. I have many people on my email list who have bought 5 to 10 different productsfrom me and even affiliate products I recommend.

    So how do we do it?

    The key here is to create a great piece of content that leads your audience to a relevant free offer. Once theydownload the free offer they are put on to our email list. We then spend the next couple of days sending outautomated emails that ensures that they received their download and we also send them some nice content thatbuilds on what you provided in your free offer. This builds trust and gives your new subscriber a great first impression.

    Next, we transition our email campaign from content to the promotion. The price will usually determine how manyemails I send before promoting. If I am promoting higher ticket products I will make sure to send out multiple emailsthat will further strengthen that relationship with my subscribers. For low ticket offers usually 2 to 3 emails does thetrick. And then finally send the promotion email.

    I call this process blog funnels. Blog Funnels consists of many different levels. Starting from the entry point in whichour potential customer lands on our blog all the way up to are high and offers and back-end sales campaign.

    Example niche: Fitness & weight loss niche targeting momsPurpose: Teach women with children how to lose weight.

    So an example blog funnel might look like this:

    Free Report: Lose 10lbs in two weeks

    $7 ebook: New mom Diet plan

    $27 video course: Fitness for moms

    $97 a month group coaching and accountability

  • $297 Personalized Fitness & Meal Plan

    That is an example of a blog funnel with 5 layers Free report Ebook Video Course Group Coaching Personalized Product

    If you are not sure what to sell here is a list of 23 different types of products you can sell from your blog .

    So once you get someone on your email list you could promote this blog funnel on autopilot with an email campaign.That is powerful! Essentially you could then focus on creating great content and driving traffic and let the blog funneldo the rest.

    By getting someone on our email list we are able to build trust and credibility with them. We are also able to sell tothem many times. This is the power of an email list and why it is considered one of the most important assets anonline marketer can have.

    Sell From Your Blog!

    So there you have it. These are the top 5 ways to sell from your blog. If you want to build a profitable blog you have tosell and this is how you do it!

    The Top 5 Ways To Sell ANYTHING From Your Blog1. Before Content Advertisements2. Sidebar advertisement3. In content links4. After Post contentLead Magnet > FunnelSell From Your Blog!