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The second stage of your email marketing education involves putting time in at high school. We're taking email marketing to the next level with our high school education.


  • 1.Back to School: Email Marketing High School By Wired Marketing

2. Today class, we will be learning about email marketing in more detail. Well teach you some of the main terms and phrases youll come across throughout your email education. For this stage of school we are assuming you have not sent an email marketing campaign. 3. Sending your first campaign 4. Before emailing the contacts, you need to have a message in mind. Why are you sending this email? To inform? To educate? To announce an event? Promote a product? This objective should be clear, and should not change. Decide your campaign objectives 5. Choose a provider You should not send email marketing through a standard web mail based email client, such as Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail. You will need a specific provider. Why? Increased deliverability ensuring the email is delivered Years of experience will answer questions and advise Use of system to build campaigns and view reports 6. Create your email Its time to build your email. These tips will apply if youre building your own email from scratch, customising an existing template or if your ESP is managing your campaign. 7. Create your email You will need: A strong subject line to encourage contacts to open the email Great, relevant content to add value and engage contacts Good text and image ratio to ensure the email is not caught in spam filters An unsubscribe link to allow contacts to remove themselves from the list 8. Sending the campaign Once you have built your campaign, its time to send it. As your knowledge of email marketing grows, so will your confidence and understanding of email marketing best practices. 9. Sending the campaign You may wish to test some areas of your campaign, such as: Best day of the week to send Best time of day to send Best friendly from name Best subject lines Use of personalisation 10. Homework: send your first email campaign. Good luck! 11. @Wired_Marketing Search for us on Google+ Come and say Hi!