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Presentation on entrepreneurship given to Wharton Venture Capital Association and Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity.


  • 1. Be Your Own Boss Discovering Your Path To Entrepreneurial Success Delta Sigma Pi Wharton Venture Capital Association - October 25, 2007

2. MORESCHOOLCORPORATE WORLDStart-Ups WHATS NEXT? 3. A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerableinitiativeandrisk . Lots of work and no guarantee Who The Heck Wants To DoThat? ENTREPRE WHAT? 4. UM, YEAHME?

  • Freedom Be what I want to be
  • Control my own destiny
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Business 101
  • Self Motivation
  • No Email Anxiety

Every entrepreneur has their own unique story! 5. MY CAREER PATH eBay Ticket Business, Local Business Websites,, Lame Job Interviews 1999-2003: Ann Arbor 2003-05: San Diego, CA 2005-06: New York, NY NOW New York, NY Editor at collegesports website company. and continue to work on my own Website OCSN is acquired by CSTV.First person to move to NYC Office.Work on Digital products including MMOD, Fantasy Football, Podcasting, Mobile, Blogs.CSTV Acquired by CBS. Join Sportsvite pre-launch as first company employee to run business development and marketing. 6. YOUR CAREER PATH

  • No Pre-Requisites
  • Banker, Consultant, Lawyer, Trader
  • Business Operating Experience
  • Take the Plunge!

There is more than one path to be an Entrepreneur But It does take a certain type of person 7. ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAITSSelf-MotivationPassionConfidenceEntrepreneurial Spirit Attitude Multi-Talented Multi-Tasker Organizer Sales PresenterProblem Solver Skill Set You = Your Job Work = Life Lifestyle 8. INTO THE WILD

  • Follow your Passion
  • Too many long hours
  • Too Hard
  • Roller Coaster Ride
  • Strong Roots
  • Know Your Industry
  • Ideas are worth less than
  • The Vision
  • How can you execute?
  • Be a consumer


  • Do Stuff
  • Build Your Network
  • Blog
  • Learn
  • Meet People
    • nextNY, DSP, Etc.
  • Internships
  • Resources
    • Wharton
  • Be Savvy
    • Friends, Family, Charity, Opportunity

10. GET ON THE COURT Is your business a full court prayer, half court heave, three pointer, foul shot, or a Slam Dunk

  • Research
  • Do Due-Diligence
  • Ask Questions
  • Be Your Own Pundit
  • Smart Team
  • Realistic Goals
  • Budget


  • Tip of the ice berg
  • New markets
  • Industrialization
  • Big issue for next generation
  • Potential world unifier
  • Current difficulty to be green

12. QUESTIONS What the Heck is [212] Media and what do you guys do anyway?