Become an Online Rock Star

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  • Become an Online Rock Star! from Kathleen Gage
  • What is a Rock Star? 1. Someone who has name recognition 2. A force in their market 3. An influencer 4. Someone others want to know and partner with
  • Why Become a Rock Star? 1. People love celebrities 2. Youre worth more 3. Doors open 4. Great opportunity all the way around 5. You may get discovered
  • YouTube Celebrity Cat
  • Gary Vaynerchuk From Unknown To Superstar
  • Nutritional Superstar
  • Downsides of Being a Rock Star? 1. You subject yourself to criticism 2. You cant (and wont) please everyone 3. Maintaining position takes work 4. Your community has high expectations and you MUST do what you can to realistically live up to this. 5. Realize, this is a fickle world, so build your fame on sustainability
  • Focus on what it takes 1. Determine how you want to be known as a rock star 2. Determine what sets you apart from others? 3. What makes you fascinating, interesting, unusual, alluring, or unique? 4. Follow other rock stars to see what they do 5. Be a self promoter 6. Make sure your online presence stands out
  • What to do 1. Focus on visibility 2. Inventory your assets Intellectual property List size Social media presence 3. Develop a marketing schedule 4. Have a growth plan Intellectual property Team Resources Training
  • Areas of focus 1. Interviews 2. Blog postings 3. Articles 4. Product launches 5. Partnerships 6. Intellectual property 7. Revenue streams
  • Weaknesses vs Strengths 1. What are your weak spots? 2. Where are your strengths? 3. What needs to change? 4. What do you need to do more of?
  • Bottom Line 1. Vision what you want 2. Be willing to do the footwork 3. Hold on to your vision 4. Remember you big WHY!