Become better at delegating how to improve trust relationship with your employees

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<p> 1. Become better at delegating (Part 1) How to improve trustrelationship with your employees?by Bhavin Gandhi I used to be a perfectionist. I always used to think that.. if I do certain things by myself, then it would bemuch better than others. As I matured in my career and took on more responsibilities, it was becoming difficult.There was one time, when I found myself working over 12 hours a day, and still not be able to finish all the work Ihad. At that time, I was managing a team of 4-6 people, and still I was unable to delegate my work effectively. It wasa complete mess and I thought to myself.I need some help. Thus, I took few leadership classes and attendedfew seminars, and implemented few strategies to make my life easier. It had been few years now, and I am again ontop of my game. Hence, I would like to share my experience with you through these series of blog posts. I hope ithelps you to become better at delegation. Start trusting your employees.. I know it sounds silly when I say that. But this is the key part indelegating tasks/work. If you are a Type A personality like me, then you would rather do everything by yourself.And by doing so, you are not only overworking yourself but you are not allowing your employees to grow. You canimplement following strategies to establish that trust relationship between you and your employees, before you canactually start delegating major tasks to them. One-on-one lunch: Take them out for lunch and talk about their personal lives, their interests and personal establishments. If you take interest in their lives, they would definitely return the favor by helping you out in your work problems. Meet for Golf: Try to find few hobbies which are common between you and your employees. It will help you to socialize with your employees more often, and it will put your employees in a state where they will feel comfortable in coming to you if there is any problem. Provide training: If you dont trust your employees technical abilities to do something, then provide them the needed training. But your task doesnt end there. In order for you to be comfortable with their technical capabilities, you should develop a system where you can review their work/training on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This mechanism will give you confidence on your employees technical capabilities, so that you can start delegating few challenging tasks to them. Morning rounds: I dont want you to micro manage your employees, but I want you to go to them every morning and askhow they are doing. This will serve two purposes. It will convey a message to them that you are there, if they need you. And secondit will give you more face time with them, which will help you strengthen your working relationship.I hope these tips will prove to be helpful in trusting your employees and becoming better at delegating tasks. If youknow any other ways to become better at delegation, then please feel free to comment here. I am always looking forpeoples feedback to improve my knowledge. Thanks. Bhavin Gandhi1 Author: Bhavin Gandhi | Contact information: 2. Bhavin Gandhi | September 28, 2011 at 5:54 PM | Tags: 21st century, BuildingTrust, Delegating,Delegation, Leadership, Manage Change, Management, Manager, Project Management, Selfawareness | Categories: 21st Century, Leadership, Management | URL: 2 Author: Bhavin Gandhi | Contact information:</p>


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