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Invited to give a 10-minute speech to a group of students organised by the wonderful Deborah and his brother, Immanuel from SMT4Youths in Brixton, London on the 19th February 2014. Distilling from my experience and books read, I presented to the listeners the importance of being a "Thought Leader" in a knowledge-based economy.

Text of Becoming a Thought Leader

  • 1. Becoming a Thought Leader by Abdul Malik Omar 18/02/2014

2. Introduction Founder of The AMO Times President of Brunei Enterprise Undergraduate at Essex University From Brunei Darussalam (See Right Picture) Avid reader of Books! 3. Definition A thought leader can refer to an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. - Forbes (2012) The world needs more leaders, not more followers. Scout Senior, PPNBD, Brunei Darussalam 4. Benefits of being a TL -Differentiate you from the rest and helps you reach the apex of society.The Social Structure Where do you want to be? here?-Easily expand your social reach. Youll have more chance of being invited to give speeches etc. -Be financially, socially, and emotionally successful. -Expand your opportunities in life. It is a position that is compatible with a knowledge based economy. Either you be one or youre out.(or) here? 5. How to be Thought Leader? -Choosing a Passion. -Read tons of Books -Reach Mastery or the 10,000 Hours -Using Technology as an Enabler -Volunteer 6. Choosing a Passion Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible. - Urban Dictionary It is also about the Whys. Do refer to Simon Sineks How Great Leaders Inspire Action Mine is to help Brunei Darussalam develop and diversify its oil-addicted economy(which makes up 80% of our total income). Total Oil and Gas depletion is forecasted to be around 2035. That means no oil, no economy. We will be wiped out. More like a passion to save society! My capacity now it to try my best to become a Thought Leader on Bruneis Business and Economy, and Entrepreneurship. This is done through the enablers such as, Brunei Enterprise Association, and Warwick Economics Conference. 7. Reading Books -Helps expand the power of your words. -Helps develop your vision and ideas. -Refer to the great leaders of the past, present, they know how to communicate extremely well. -Past examples, refer to Gandhi(hes a prolific writer), Malcolm X, and John F. Kennedy. -Present example please do refer Nick DAloisio video.-Inspired by my PGGMB high school principal back in Brunei when I was only 17. His advice to me: Read Tons of Books. -Without his advice, I dare say I wouldnt be where I am today. -As of present, Ive read close to 300 books. -My biggest regret: Not having that habit while I was still 5. -Heres my recommended reading list: Reading List 8. Reach Mastery or the 10,000 Hours -Appreciate and recognize what Malcolm Gladwells 10,000 hours. -It says that youll achieve Mastery over a particular skill once you practised over 10,000 hours -You must fall in love with practise; this requires passion. -Refer to Bill Gates(Computing), Will.I.Am(Music), Barack Obama(Public Speaking). The 10,000 Formulae: Work at least 8 hours everyday, 5 days a week, for 45 weeks a year for 8 years on practicing that one particular skill. This includes musicians, investors, artists etc. Pretty soon youll achieve the 10,000 Hours. Mine is in developing my aforementioned passions. As of present, Ive written over 300+ posts in on those subjects. 9. Technology as an Enabler -Technology is just a tool or as an Enabler. Nothing more, Nothing less. -Use it to serve as a means to an end: you becoming a Thought Leader. -Dont get bogged down by the least Techs. Despite how much one may have of the latest Apple gadgets or fancy Computers, Passion always triumphs everything. Case Study: AMO Times Since its inception in late 2011, the site has gained over half a million hits. Who taught me to build the website? NO ONE. 10. Volunteer -Best way to get started is by volunteering, for free and without any expectant of payments, to an organisation which you wish to develop your passion on. -Have a Put God in your Debt mindset. -Read A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard -Saying Whats in it for me to your superiors in this case is one of the worst things you can ever do. If you have that mindset then dont even bother to join in. -My volunteering experience: Read Here. Im also interning at London Real TV. -Developed my understanding how people work and gain ideas to which Ive inoculate into my present enterprises. -Im open to hire volunteers/interns for Brunei Enterprise and those wanting a Securities Analyst experience. Contact me at for the latter. And provide me your CV. 11. Conclusion Be a Thought Leader. You cant afford not too in a knowledge-based economy we are living today. 12. Thank you! Special Thanks to SMT4Youths for inviting me.Contact: