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  • 1. BJMP2033 PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTNUMERICAL INTELIGENCE WORKSHOP 7th DECEMBER 2012DKG 2/1 8.30AM 12.30PM*AGENDA*7.30 8.30 = REGISTRATION & TAKE A SEAT8.30 10.00= CHAPTER 1 510.00 10.15 = BREAK (Kuih&Teh O)10.15 12.15 = CHAPTER 6 912.15 12.30 = LUNCH (NasiTomato& Air O) 0

2. CHAPTER 1 POM INTRODUCTION1. What is Production?Production is the creation of products/goods and services.2. What is Operations Management?It is the set of activities (input transformation output) that creates value in the form of products/goods andservices. For examples; SONY produces SMART LED TV, and SAMSUNG creates TABLET GALAXY NOTE. 10.13. Hard Rock Caf in Orlando USS, Florida uses Likert scale to evaluate its quality of food and service at the caf. Inwhat scales number the food and service is considered failed?The scores are rated on a 1 to 7 scale, and if the score is not a 7, the food and service is a failure.4. Based on the figure below, list down all the (i), (ii) and (iii) by taking private hospital services as an example.(i) Input:_________________________________________________________________ Beds, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistances_________________________________________________________________ Surgery Equipment, Management/Administrative Capital/Investment__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(ii) Transformation:_________________________________________________________________ Operations, Surgery_________________________________________________________________ Consultation, Medication, Therapy_________________________________________________________________(iii) Output: Recovery Patients, Good Health_________________________________________________________________ Good Emotion, Physically 1 3. 5. Changloon Truck Wash cleaned 65 trucks in November 2012, consuming the following resources:Labour520 hours at $13 per hourWater 100 litres at $5 per litresMachine Rental20 days at $50 per day(a) What is the labour productivity per dollar? = 65/(520 x $13) = 65/$6,750 = 0.0096 trucks per labour $(b) What is the multifactor productivity? = 65/(520 x $13) + (100 x $5) + (20 x $50) = 65/($8, 260) = 0.00787 trucks per $6. Changloon Pizza Enterprise produced 6,600 customised pizzas in November 2012. The labour productivity isknown to have been 0.10 pizzas per labour-hour during that month. There are 45 laboured were employed.(a) How many hours did the average labourer work in that month?= 6,600 pizzas/x labour hours = 0.10= x = 66,000 labour hours, there 45 labourers, thus= 66, 000 labour hours/45 labourers= 14, 66.68 labour hours/labourer on average per month(b) If productivity can be increased to 0.12 pizzas per hour, how many hours would the average labourer work thatmonth?= 6, 600 pizzas/x labor hours = 0.12= x = 55,000 labor hourSo,= 55, 000 labor hours/300 laborers= 183.33 labor hours/laborer on average, per month~~END OF CHAPTER ONE~~ 2 4. CHAPTER 2 PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY & CAPACITY1. What is process strategy? A process strategy (or transformation) is an organizations approach to transforming resources into goods and services. The objective of a process strategy is to build a production process that meets customer requirements and products specifications within cost and other managerial constraints.2. Match each of the product with the suitable process strategy: ProductProcess Focus (a) Coca-Cola Product Focus (b) Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1Mass Customization (c) Wedding Invitation CardsProcess Focus/Job Shop (d) Proton InspiraRepetitive Focus (d) A4 PaperProduct Focus (e)Sofware/Apps Mass Customization (f) Whooper Burgers Repetitive Focus (g) Custom HomesProduct Focus/Job Shop (h) Modenas KRISS IIRepetitive Focus (i) Hard-drive Western DigitalMass Customization (j) Cakes Product Focus3. A single MP4 (song) production cost is $5500 and the conversion process is $8 per song. The MP4 can be sold for $20. How many MP4 units must be sold to breakeven point? How much $ for the breakeven point? v = cf/p cv v = 458.33units =458.3 x 20 = $ 9166 v = 5500/20 - 84. Based on question 5, the new process of recording becomes $7800. However the conversion cost is cheaper by $2. What is the new breakeven point and breakeven in $? v = cf/p cv v = 7800/20 6 v = 557.14 units v = 557.14 x $20 = $11142.85. Central computer provides a lot of instructions to each workstation and to the material-handling equipment this system is known as an automated work cell or __________________________________.6. Define what is a capacity? Capacity something that totally throughput or number of units a facility (e.g. cinema, stadium, mosque, classroom, car, airplane, etc.) can hold, receive, store, or produce in a period of time. E.g. Stadium Shah Alam can hold 100,000 audiences.3 5. Problems:(i) Bakery The company is closed a day in a week and its operate in 24-hour basis. The employees work in threeshifts and each shift can produces about 200 cakes per hour.(ii) Factory Changloon Tires Sdn. Bhd is a small factory that produces motorcycle tires. The factory operates fivedays a week with two 12-hour shift. In every shift, the workers can produce about 1,500 units.(iii) Classroom (BJMP2033): Mr. Zane is a lecturer who works two days in a week. He teaches only two classes andeach class takes about three hours with approximately 160 students.7. Based on above statement, calculate the design capacity for the cakes, tires and students. (i) The design capacity for bakery is: = (6-day business) x (3 shifts) x (8 hours) x (200 cakes per hour) = 28,800 cakes (ii) The design capacity for factory is: = (5-day business) x (2 shift) x (12 hours) x (1,500 tires) = 180, 000 tires (iii) The design capacity for classroom is: = (2-day teaching) x (2 shift) x (3 hours) x (160 students) = 1,920 students8. Read the statement and answer all the questions:Ahmad BilisSdn. Bhd is a factory produces SambalBelacan Dari Sarawakfor Mydin and Giant in East Malaysia. The company only closed itoperations in Friday and approximately produces about 185,000 packets.The effective capacity is 240,500 packets. The production line operates with8 hours in a shift and there were two shifts per day. The line was designedto process the SambalBelacan with seafood fillings alga, squids, prawns,and blue anchovy at a rate of 2,100 per half an hour.(i) Calculate the design capacity for the company? = (6-day workings) X (2 shifts) X (8-hour) X (2,100 bottles x 2 per hour) = 403,200 bottles(ii) What is the utilization for the company?= Actual Output/Design Capacity= 185,000/403,200= 45.88%(iii) What is the efficiency for the company?= Actual Output/Effective Capacity= 185,000/240,500= 76.92%~~END OF CHAPTER TWO~~ 4 6. CHAPTER 3 QUALITY MANAGEMENT & SPC1. What is Statistical Process Control? SPC is a process that uses to monitor the standards by taking measurements and corrective action as a product or service is being produced. It is also use to measure the performance of a process.2. What is an assignable variation? Assignable variation is related to some causes or factors that occur in the production process which can be traced to its specific causes. For example, the wedges serve for the customers become oily and grease - maybe because of the wedges are not cook proper standard cold oils.3. Briefly explain THREE (3) implications of quality. (i) Organization Reputation (ii) Product Liability (iii) Global Consequence4. Illustrate and briefly explain the PDCA cycle. (i) Plan - identify the problem and make a plan (ii) Do - test the plan (iii) Check is the plan is working? (iv) Act implement the plan and make documentation5. Briefly illustrate THREE (3) tools of TQM. (i) Check Sheets (ii) Scatter Diagram (iii) Cause and Effect Diagrams (iv) Pareto Charts (v) Histogram (vi) Flowcharts (vii) SPC6. List THREE (3) concepts to Taguchis approach.(i) Quality Robustness(ii) Quality Loss Function(iii) Target-Oriented Quality5 7. 7. What is Poke-Yoke? A technique or a tool or a device that ensures production of good units in every time when needed.Example. Scoop for Ice-Cream Baskin Robins. 1 scoop for RM3.90 and three scoops for RM10.00. Advantages: (i) Provide an accurate value (gram, kilogram or others measurements) for an exchange for money and goods. (ii) Provide a good value of quality for products tastes, volumes and others.8. Dapur Gas Reloaded Enterprise is a supplier that provides a delivery service of kitchens gas. They are now having anreflection the lateness of pick-up, servicethe gas, and arrivals of worker. The company wants to construct an X-chart and an R-chart to monitor the time of those activities is in control. Construct the charts with 3 control limits; plot the sample range values and comments on process control. Sample k 1 2R 1 0.07 2 8.528.618.57 0.09 3 9.358.959.15 0.40 4 0.04 5 9.218.879.04 0.34 6 9.148.999.07 0.15 7 0.14TOTAL63.191.23R = the highest point lowest point. X = x/nR = Total R/k = 63.19/7R = 1.23/7 = 0.18 = 9.03To find A2 = 1.88 from Table above, n = 2 (the bar) *THE TABLE IS IN PAGE 13*UCL = X + A2R LCL = X A2R= 9.03 + (1.88)(0.18) = 9.03 (1.88)(0.18)= 9.37= 8.696 8. The Range (R-Chart) Sample k12 R 1 9.06 9.13 9.100.07 2 8.52 8.61 8.570.09 3 9.35 8.95 9.150.40 4 9.17 9.21 9.190.04 5 9.21 8.87 9.040.34 6 9.14 8.99 9.070.15 7 9.15 9.01 9.080.14 TOTAL 63.19 1.23R = total of R/kfrom the Table, n = 2, therefore, D3 = 0 and D4 = 3.27*THE TABLE IS IN PAGE 13*R = 1.23/7R = 0.18UCL = D4R LCL = D3R= (3.27) (0.18) = (0) (0.18)= 0.589 =0 The R- chart~~END OF CHAPTER THREE~~7 9. CHAPTER 4 SUPPLY CHAINS MANAGEMENT1. Ubi&Kayu Plantation has total end-of-year assets of $4.3 million. First six months (1st term) of the year inventory was $235,000 and second six months of the year was increased 20% from the first term. The annual cost of goods sold was $5.5