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    How to choose a bear organization

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    Best Place to Hunt Black Bear

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    More InformationHow to choose a bear organizationWhy choose between spring and FallBow Hunting for BearHow to Hunt Black BearEnjoy Spring Bear HuntingWhat to do after the shootTestimonials

    Contact UsBlack Bear Lodge is locatedapproximately 140 miles northof Ottawa and about 220miles north of Montreal.Phone & Fax (819)425-8622www.blackbearlodgeinc.comEmail:

    BEST PLACE TO HUNT BLACK BEARThe best place to hunt bear is Black Bear Lodge. We are black bear hunting specialist. What gives us an edgeover other competitors? Why Us?

    Owing to our vast experience and continuous success we have carved a niche in black bear hunt. With the bestguidance it is ensured that our hunter would harvest trophy bears. The licensed guides have a thoroughknowledge of the vast territory. They are master trackers of bears and know the art of baiting and re-baiting.Based on their knowledge and expertise, they give valuable hunting tips to the hunters and decide which is thebest site to place a hunter. They have never failed in this decision and hunters have returned home with themost cherished bear trophy to flaunt. Our strong knowledge about the territory and the typical bear behaviorhave made us one of the best guide for bear hunting. We know how to set up the best place to put those baits.We can track the direction of the wind, check those bait everyday, and make sure that the hunter has all theinformation to help him get that killing shut.

    There are over 200 baited sites here. We are specialized in the techniques of baiting. We make sure that thehunters can go back home not just with memories but also the cherished trophy to flaunt. Each and everymorning we check the bait site, re-bait if needed, and keep a note of the bait hits made by black bears to thesebaiting sites. Owing to our experience we can track what size of bear is coming in so that when the new hunterscome it becomes easy for us to know where to put them - doesn't matter whatever kind of weapons they areusing. We ensure that fresh bait is fed to the bears.

    Large size bears are quite normal here. Because of their favorable habitat and no hunting permission by otherhunters the bears get chance to get hugely bigger and old. If bow hunting is what you like we have over 30portable double metal tree stand then we are the best choice for you. We can put you in the key area that hasbeen setup just for bow hunters. There are also many ground set-up where you will be right above the bearcoming in. Whatever weapons you decide to use, you will be in the proper place with the best shooting range.

    After a good evening of hunting or a good day of fishing you will be able to relax in a comfortable and wellequipped cabin of our beautiful hunting resort. You can make your own food at the kitchen or can enjoy thedelicious food at the Cafeteria.

    So, you have all that it takes to enjoy the best guided black bear hunts in Canada.

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