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At ePSIplatform 2013 Conference


  • 1.Open Data and Big Data John van Echtelt Business Model Innovator2013 Conference Warsaw, Poland22 February 2013

2. It is NOT about the kind of DATA Open Closed Raw Linked DataBig Little2 3. It is about HOW to create VALUEWisdom KnowlegdeValue Information Data 3 4. It is about new BUSINESS MODELS, ... 4 5. about TRANSFORMATIONCross sectorSmall, mediumCivil Societyand large organizations companies People KnowledgeGovernmentsinstitutes Cross border5 6. Open Data Maturity Model6Data for fact-baseddecisions andperformanceConsumer-style webexperiences Embedded dataexperiences Interactive data Apps, mashups,(Yelp, Google) tables, basic data dashboards, data-driven visualizations (charts & storytellingCrowd-sourced data: Basic catalog ofmaps), Social sharing, human sensor network downloadable files Custom APIs and (CSV, XLS, SHP, ZIP, PD Manual data publishing developer docsPlug-and-play appsScattered spreadsheets F)and PDFs online Automated dataReal-time, data Expensive custom web publishing, federationecosystems and industryClumsy custom webapps and exchangesappsdistribution Manual data publishing Internal dataWeb and mobilecollaboration hubsexperience design Organizations Open Data Maturity Level 7. Socrata Customer Case Studies7 8. Medicare Data Unleashed 8 Socrata Provides: Cloud-based infrastructure Full data lifecycle management Interactive exploration Live data distribution Automatic API access Usage and analysis metrics Federation to Results (since 8/31/10):Challenges: 10+ million page views Hard to find data 1,460% YoY growth Inaccessible datasets 2.7 Terabytes served No data-sharing infrastructure 420 datasets Private providers using the data via API 8 9. Health Indicators Visualized 9 Socrata Provides: Cost-effective data warehouse Advanced metadata management Enriched visualizations Configurable web experience Results: Half the cost of alternatives Makes BI licenses obsolete Expanded reachChallenges: Visualized U.S. healthcare system Present metrics quantifiably Easy data maintenance Provide public dataconsumption Legacy BI platform rigid &9expensive 10. Access to Healthcare Mobilized10 Socrata Provides: 100% cloud-based infrastructure Full data lifecycle management Interactive data discovery APIs to enable unlimited reuse of data Maps & charts on the web Federation to Results: One consolidated logical databaseChallenges: Extend reach of treatment facilities Provide help anytime, anywhere Low cost self-service capabilities Reach teens Multiple fragmented databases 24x7 call center operations 10 11. Energy Efficiency Data ConsumerizedSocrata Provides: 100% turnkey cloud-based solution Easily create consumer web interfaces Developer-ready API for product catalogs Easy visualization of efficiency ratingsResults: Easy to use Product Finder Apps System supports complex data analysis Automatic product status updates via APIChallenges: Repeatable process applied to 60 product catalogs Empower consumers Comply with newregulations Hard to enable partners 11 12. think bigdata. start smartdata. scale fastdataUses CasesTurn data into apps & speed-up pace of innovation 13. All industries come to deliver smart services Smart cities Internet of thingsEcomobilityPredictive analyticsCrowdsourcingM2M 14. IT paradigm has changed towards apps model(internet-based, data-driven, cloud-based) Open data strategy should be a top priority for any organizationthat uses the Web as a channel for delivering goods and servicesOpen data APIs are a lightweight approach to data exchange.Their use is now considered a best practice for opening data andfunctionality to developers and other businesses. (Gartner aot 2012) 15. We need to unlocking (open) all data fields opportunities 16. CUSTOMERS USE CASES 17. Industry & Services sensors + open data + API open data easy preparation & publishing open data + crowdsourcing platform Government open data V2 (API-fication, linked data) tourism data management (Wordpress, Drupal ) 18. Collaborative Data ManagementAn open data project is notan open data portal projectITS ALL ABOUT WEB & API 19. Utilities Real-time geo-mashupingData sources open data (files from the web) sensors data (internal network data) real time data (web API e.g. weather) 20. Utilities - Crowdsourcing 21. Open cities Smart solutions 22. Open cities Decision making